Me, Google and the Stanley Cup riots

OMG! I’ll make this quick, but this made me laugh pretty hard. Someone Googled, “name moron vancouver” and landed on my blog! So I tested it and sure enough it goes right to a post about  someone I once knew from Vancouver. The funny thing is the only other links in Google’s search results were for the Vancouver riots after the Stanley Cup. So I had to really laugh hard at that.  And to think this particular person told me once that Hamilton, Ontario was the “***hole of Canada”. Probably because I have relatives there and was visiting for a wedding.  Au’ contraire . ***holes and morons DO come from Vancouver! Just like my relatives in Toronto and the Maritimes told me.  Not only am I thrilled Boston beat the piss out them,which was inevitable, (although I was briefly a Canucks fan when I thought I should be supportive) but I mean honestly, that must have been something huh? Imagine living across the street from that scene. Tear gas, flames, overturned cars…Sounds lovely. I’d like a glass of Primitivo with that please… 😉