E-Book: Are you in a relationship with a Sociopathic/Narcissistic Man?

It has come to my attention that a lot of people, mainly women, are very interested in understanding the personality traits of a sociopathic liar, a womanizer and a man with a possible if not probable sexual addiction. Many of my readers are coming forward with many questions and a lot of their own stories that deserve recognition and deserve answers to. I feel it is my duty to share my knowledge and experiences with them and offer them assistance.

I have been asked to compile my findings into an E-Book. The book will define, describe and outline many of the traits of the sociopath. Much research is being done to back up these findings. Who these men are, what types of jobs they generally hold,  family and upbringing anomalies, etc., that can lead to this type of behavior.  It will alert women to the machinations and manipulations of a very serious and accompished sociopathic womanizer.

Though some may view this as simply a normal dating occurrence, it is far from that. These type of personalities are extremely destructive. They don’t merely date casually. They enter into loving, committed relationships while masking a guise of deception, fraud, manipulation, sexual deviation and emotional and psychological abuse that they perpetrate upon an unwitting victim. Usually a female, and usually a female who is vulnerable. Their victims suffer enormously. In many cases, they commit suicide. We are not discussing anything likely to be perceived as a casual or light hearted affair. This is quite serious, takes time to develop and the perpetrator who is always in control, determines the course that the relationship is on. The victim is never aware of that course. We are talking about a dangerously abusive personality that feels no compunction for what they do nor any remorse whatsoever for the consequences that they incur.

The term “player” is far too simplistic here. Even a “player” will make it obvious from the beginning he is seeing multiple women. Or if he does not, it is generally quite obvious in a short amount of time. Only someone who is sociopathic is able to conceal his true intentions for a very long time.

My experience was with someone who was extremely romantic, loving, charming, charismatic and insistent who was masking a very cruel, manipulative agenda from the start. Only his own needs and feelings were of any concern to the detriment and callous abuse of his victim (s).  These are the hallmarks of a full blown Narcicistic Personality Disorder. To define it, a sociopath and a psychopath are one in the same. NPD is a sociopathic behavioral trait. To be sure however, there are varying levels of this disorder. Please take note, most are non-violent. There are 70 million sociopaths on the planet right now. Only a small fraction of them are violent. I know both types and I am the survivor of 2 violent interactions and 1 non-violent; but an extremely manipulative and emotionally destructive one that spanned 2 years and 2500 miles.

The book will specifically outline each trait and behavior in chapter form.  It will offer tips on how to recognize these behaviors before getting caught in their web of deceit and the ultimate suffering that follows. And as a bonus, thanks to my dear father, god rest his soul, there will be additional chapters outlining how to “see” remotely, how to uncover and expose the truth. How and why to follow hunches and peculiar feelings and also how to accurately perceive something that may seem quite normal but is far from it.

I will leave you with one clue for now. It is from my Dad who was a CIA operative. When you “view” something, whether it is in life or in a photograph, or even in the written word, it is critical to train your eyes and ears to “see” the unknown and to “hear” the silence and read between the lines. When the book goes live I will let you all know where it can be purchased online. It will retail for $14.95.

While doing my research I am coming across some very interesting, frightening clinical material. Here are links I have found most telling: Please take note of the information pertaining to the “spouse” of a narcissist in the first link and read the articles closely. Make sure this is not you. The second link is very clinical and dry but extremely informative as well.  The third link outlines M. Scott Pecks book, The People of the Lie.  I published an article for Blogcritics based on this and my own experience. I highly reccommend reading the book. Narcissists and sociopathic liars share many common traits.  Many are outlined in my posts filed under the category for Narcissistic and Sociopathic Behavior.




Thanks again for joining me. 😉