Woodfish opening for Blue Oyster Cult, Three Dog Night, Pat Traverse, LA Guns!

Woo Hoo! I’m extremely proud and very excited to be attending this 3-day event. Woodfish, if you will recall, is a an indie band from New Jersey that I profiled a couple months ago on Blogcritics. They’re very good friends of mine and I’m looking forward to this gig.  A few years back they opened for Foghat in NYC and that was a really good time. I spent my time backstage with them and Foghat and if I had played my cards right at the time, instead of using Charlie’s dressing room to take a call from Vancouver,  I probably would be dating Charlie by now. He looks great wrapped in only a towel from the waist down by the way…

My plan is also to meet up with the members of Blue Oyster Cult, specifically Buck, and ask him if I may write a review of the band for Blogcritics. If I’m going to write a review, I prefer it be after attending a live event; just listening to the material isn’t quite the same. I met Buck several years ago at Nicki Beach. I wonder if he’ll remember me? Charlie did. He was at the same gig. How very weird.

Three Dog Night will be a child’s dream come true. If there ever was one band that formed my childhood listening experience, it would be them. Just hearing, the songs, One, I’ve Never been to Spain and Shambala, transport me back in time. A time when the sun was always shining and skies were always blue.

Drowning Mona, a very quirky film with Bette Midler and a whole lot of Ugo’s, that I absolutely love, uses Shambala as the theme song throughout. A must see flick. Apparently, I’m not the only one that sees the irony in that song.

LA Guns??? Now this will be a trip. Sleaze Rock was definately not in my repertoire, so I have no idea how I ended up with a heavy metal guitarist in leopard tights for 5 years, but none the less, it happened and I did, so this show will be a voyage back down memory lane as well. With a somewhat creepy feel. Something about a man in leather pants after 50 that is just wrong. In so many ways. But what the heck!

Pat Travers? What can I say. Just another Canadian down the long line of the many I’ve known, worked with, been married to and had kids with. Here we go again!

Well, tthhhaaat’s all folks!!! 😉

Right now I’m heading down to the Keys for a few days of fishing and snorkeling. We’ll catch up later.