One Brief Moment: Permutations in Impermanence

Welcome to One Brief Moment. Inside you will find information and posts on my ongoing quest to discover and understand sociopathic behavior and narcissistic personality disorder and how it manifests. The data is drawn from my own personal experiences and on my continued research on the subject.

As disturbing as it is, I am finding that many people from all walks of life have experienced personal relationships that were or are severely dysfunctional in ways that they cannot comprehend. They are frightened, confused and hurt. They need answers to questions that they fear asking.  It is my goal to share my stories, open my heart and soul and offer my theories and the research I have collected, on what the issues surrounding those types of relationships really are.

One thing we all may share in common, is the unsettling feeling that something is very, very wrong. We are not sure what it is, it makes us feel helpless and we need answers. It is my hope that here at,  One Brief Moment, you will find some of those answers and not feel so alone. I try to link as often as I can to other blogs that are helpful to those seeking it. They are listed in my Blogroll.

In addition, for the sake of levity, I also have many quirky and funny stories,  a small collection of my published writings that I try to add to as often as possible and even some of my recipes.  If you find yourself needing a respite from reading about personality disorders, please have  a look at those and give yourself a break. Breathe….

The name of my site One Brief Moment is aptly named. Always remember, nothing in this life is permanent and everything permutates. Whatever it is you are experiencing right now, whether blissful or horrible, will not last. These are the permutations in impermanence….

I am compiling an E-Book on narcissistic personality disorder as well and once completed I will link to it here for you to purchase online should you so choose. The fee for the book will be nominal and will assist in my future publications.

Aside from my blog and my new career endeavor in television programming I am a freelance writer, producing website content and copy writing and offering SEO services for business and personal websites.

The future is going to be wonderful because I intend it to.

Love Always,

Summer 😉


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