This blog is my outlet to write about the things I notice while on life’s odyssey. It is my catharsis for when I can’t scream about what bothers me. I am not an adviser of any sort but must confess I have for years been counselor to many acquaintances, friends and family members. Don’t ask me why. If only I had a penny for my thoughts…

I am aware that there may be those that while reading my words become disenfranchised. I certainly hope that is not the case. I do attempt to spin a tale if possible out of some of the things others would rather sweep under the carpet.  For some peculiar reason I like to provoke readers into becoming more mindful, more thoughtful. My mind is continually haunted by thoughts, feelings and experiences that if I don’t write about them I am sure my head will explode. However, I suppose I may also have a sick sense of humor at least once in a while and this blog is the direct result of that.

Some of what I write about is very painful for me so please understand that though extremely personal, they are all true stories. Let’s face it. Fact is much more interesting than fiction. I apologize if what I write about offends anyone, but this is my life and these are my experiences.  Sometimes the truth is funny and sometimes it is very painful. I’ve noticed the two are directly correlated.

My intent with this blog is to entertain 😉  myself initially and now my readers. I welcome comments and feedback so if you like something or it touches a chord let me know. If I think I have solved one of life’s mysteries, I will post it and you will be the first to know.

Please enjoy, laugh and be moved.  I do hope you come back often.




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