The Daily Scrum and the Journey back from Oz

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You will not believe this! But corporations lie. What you say? It cannot be you say? You must be living under a rock then. So sorry for your oblivion.

People lie. All the damn time. About everything. Obnoxious really isn’t it? On the microcosm level the narcissist is but a speck of filth arbitrarily fibbing his way through life taking prisoners down into a dark deceptive cavern from which there is no escape much like the way light cannot escape the grasp of a black hole. But this is singularly only a bumper or movie trailer of a corporate ideological film we have all seen over and over again.

Politics is making headlines. Again. The same damn story with the same bad actors, as the audience eagerly awaits a revolutionary outcome. C’mon folks, this movie has been made about a million times. You already know how it will end. Stop pretending or at the very least, open your eyes and keep them open this time. I promise I will too. In the political as well as the corporate arena, mords are getting wixed up.

I just spent about $2000 bucks to learn two new vocabulary words. Produce and Telemarketing. Oddly, believing I already knew the definition of each, I could have sworn that those definitions were distinctly different but apparently I was wrong. Or, could it be that yet one more lie has been perpetuated upon the least suspecting. Me. Somehow I thought “produce” meant, to cause something to happen, creatively. Wait a second, let me refer to Websters. Be right back…

Ok, I’m back. Here is what Webster’s says:
1375–1425; late Middle English producen < Latin prōdūcere to lead or bring forward, extend, prolong, produce, equivalent to prō- pro-1 + dūcere to lead.
— vb
1. to bring (something) into existence; yield
2. to bring forth (a product) by mental or physical effort; make: she produced a delicious dinner for us
3. ( tr ) to give birth to
4. ( tr ) to manufacture (a commodity): this firm produces cartons
5. ( tr ) to give rise to: her joke produced laughter
6. ( tr ) to present to view: to produce evidence
7. to bring before the public: he produced two plays and a film last year
8. to conceive and create the overall sound of (a record) and supervise its arrangement, recording, and mixing
9. ( tr ) geometry to extend (a line)

And my query…

selling or advertising by telephone.

EXACTLY. So I was right. One has nothing to do with the other. One is creative and positive. The other is abysmal and banal and puts you in danger of being sued or if nothing else, conjures up supreme hatred on the other end of the phone. No worries. I found something much better.

A darling cottage on the edge of the woods where nearby a lake gently laps the shore. Odin and Loki, the two phenomenal white felines prance in the leaves. I can smell a fireplace burning in the distance. Jack, god rest his gentle soul, frolics with my father in heavens garden. I know this because I saw them there together just recently. They are keeping one another company and Dad loves my dog and they watch out for one another. Dad magically let me find something today. A 1943 Nippon Ginko 1000 yen. I know he placed it where I could find it. It is his way of letting me know that he is still here.
My stunning, ethereal auburn haired daughter is recreating a new life for herself and my Hollywood-handsome leading-man son just finished editing his work for Fashion Week in NYC. For the baby Sophia, the angel with a star instead of a belly button, I brought her a Capiz shell wind chime. Lovely lavender, turquoise and pink shells cut to resemble the wonderful creatures of the sea that she loves just like her Nona. I am home doing the most important job I have ever held. I don’t need to search the world over for a place in the sun, for gold or for love. It was always right here.

My daily scrum is the continuation of my writing and producing the best and only way I know how. Content, copy writing, websites, music management and my manuscript. It is a labor of love and as I have always maintained, we must always do what we love no matter what.

I recently read a really good book, Live Like a Fruit Fly and I would like to shout out to the author, Gabe Berman, editorial writer for the Miami Herald. Mr. Berman, I have always lived like a fruit fly. Your book was genius. Thanks for reminding me that time is of the essence.


(-1)(-1)= 4y Solve for y

I would like to talk about how everything comes around. Usually in 4 years.Why?

I have no idea why it is a 4 year turn around time frame, it just is. Things that occurred in 2008 are now coming full circle and to those who would not heed good, heartfelt advice, I am sorry for your current suffering. Just as I suspect that things occurring now will come ’round in 2016 give or take. So mind your P & Q’s.

I also know this: What you do will come back to you threefold. Not fourfold. As God is my witness, it will. I am seeing the results of some pretty shitty deeds done a few years back by a couple of pretty shitty people, come around to those individuals in a pattern of 3. I have also found that if you are very, very good, exemplary even, you will receive no such return in goodness. Why? Because it is expected. If you are a good, honest and true person, do not wait around for a lottery win. If you love people, the entire animal kingdom and volunteer your life’s mission to save sea turtles, abandoned puppies and children, feed the homeless, house the indigent, expect nothing in return. Consider your self lucky to be healthy, happy and alive. And that you spread cheer and good will to sea turtles, puppies, kids and homeless indigent folks.

Positive energy creates positive energy. No more, no less. You would have to make a global positive effect to receive the same like Mother Teresa or Ghandi. But don’t stop spreading positive energy and joy because you’re not going to win a Nobel peace prize or the lottey. The world, the Universe, thrives on it. Without it, the cosmos would implode.

But, and I swear this to be true, if you lie, cheat and steal, if you purposefully deceive, if you malign and harm an innocent, you’d better prepare yourself. There was a reason those old relics in China, Greece, Egypt and Jerusalem wrote proverbs and commandments. They watched the world turn and noticed the repetitive cycles not only in the seasons or in the night sky, but in the energy that human beings were constantly putting out and seeing it’s return a few years later. Oh, and if you know you were shitty, don’t bother looking for penance or forgiveness with the wave of the hand. You can seek all the absolution you want in the form of apologetic nuances. The energy has already been dispersed. And it is on it’s way back to you as we speak.

And those ‘no gooders’ really despised the good doers way back when and they still do. They hung them, burned them and crucified them. Even that came back to haunt them in more ways than one. Not only were their despicable actions martyred by the goodly and proven ill fated through the millennia, but the do gooders, were revered. For eternity.

So without sounding pompous or religious, for I cannot proscribe to any organized spiritual belief system, just know that your actions, words and thoughts will reverberate, will resound around the world and affect many,many lives. Whether or not you pray to a Celtic druid god or goddess, a Hebrew prophet or Chinese sage, a Tibetan monk or an Indian chief, those old fellas’ had it right the first time. Do what you did, and you will get what you got. They had many different ways of telling the same story.

Live each day as it were your last. Smile at a stranger. Help someone in need. Be forgiving. Why you ask? I’ll tell you why. Because when you forgive someone, it doesn’t let them off the hook, it lets you off. Forgiveness frees you from carrying around a lot of bad and negative energy which you will in turn send out to the world. The key is, you must really forgive from deep inside your heart and sometimes that takes a while. But don’t beat yourself up over it, just work hard at getting to a point where you can see that the negative actions of others, has no bearing on you and hence, forgive them. Even if you  have to forgive them for being assholes. It works. Try it. You’ll be smiling in no time.

Heal the world one person at a time and begin with yourself. Forget the greed, forget the lust and desire to obtain a thing or person at the expense of others. Save a life, whether it be a child’s or a fruit fly. We are all one on this blue planet. We all share the same energy. We all bleed, we all cry and we all need one another. Don’t let selfishness dictate at the expense of those around you. If you do, you will be sorry one day.

I wrote once, if you took away all that you had; your home, your beautiful wardrobe and jewelry, your vehicles, your bank account, your polo ponies…. and you stood naked to the world, what would you have left?

If your answer is nothing or not much, then you need to work on yourself.




Losing My Dog Jack


This is a testimonial to man’s best friend. More than my best friend, my dog Jack, was my champion.

First, let me describe him to you. Johann vom Jagermeister, Jack, was just a baby at 6 and 1/2 weeks when he came to my home.His father Gustl Schwarzen Drachen was an international champion. His blood was of the purest East German bloodlines from the best bred German Shepherds the world over. He was stunning. His ears stood straight and erect at just weeks old, and his coat was solid ebony. He reminded me of a tiny Black bear cub. Precious and darling. But soon to grow into a fierce and formidable canine.

We lived on 3 acres, with a huge grassy yard front and back. The rear of the property was lined deep with oak trees. Over time, I transformed this plot of land into a small “gentlemans farm”. We grew a huge organic garden, with everything from artichokes, thyme, basil, mint and rosemary, to several varients of tomato, eggplant and pepper. We had corn, squash of all shapes and colors and strawberries. Lettuces, arugula, chard and collards. Rabbits shared the garden with us and often the tiny new spring bunnies would emerge to nibble. I didn’t mind. We had more than enough to share. And it was fun watching them as I weeded, poking their little noses out around the stalks of corn or the vining curcubits.

Jack commanded this parcel standing only 8 inches high. His ears pricked straight up as he would stand guard, at our circular drive, alerting when a visitor pulled in. As time went on, the neighbors, the mailman, the landscapers and tons of friends and family all new and loved Jack and watched as he grew bigger and stronger each passing day. Restaurant owners personally dropped off prime rib for him.

We decided to dig two ponds. We grew ginger and purple ornamental grasses and gorgeous lillies at the edges and had tiny mallard ducklings that we raised by hand with Jack as their sentient. Giant Koi swam and delighted us all. Jack grew and 4 children, as they grew as well, learned the circle of life as it came and went season after season on our mini farmette in the New Jersey countryside.

Within a year, the tiny 8 inch pup was a big, black wolf that had a zest for life and a presence that would not be ignored. He reigned supreme like a king over this land and ever so gently allowed children, ducklings and tiny yellow baby chicks to climb upon his back. As the chicks grew into hens that provided us with fresh eggs, their friendship endured. Lying prone as he sunned himself, sprawled out upon pine needles at the properties edge, they would snuggle with him. It was a sight to be seen. I don’t believe a dog, yet a German Shepherd would allow chickens to roost on their backs without consuming them for lunch. But Jack did.

Jack was a very powerful dog. He weighed in at 130 pounds and his stamina and strength would wear a grown man out. Bred from champions, he wore the crest of blue bloods. Never have I heard of a dog being referred to as a gentleman, but Jack was. He was a polite dog. He knew precisely what to say and when to say it. And no one ever took Jack for granted. When you met him, he garnered respect. He had rules. And under no uncertain terms was anyone going to break them. He was a mans mans dog owned by me, a girl. And so he tendered himself, for me. Gently nudging me for his attention. Cuddling me and licking away my tears. following closely at my heel wherever I went. Proudly he walked by my side. Always assuring me that I was safe under his dominion. My whispers could command him and he would always obey. His love and his loyalty were unquestionable.

Fearless and evoking fear in others, he was a big mush. His biggest joy was to play endlessly. Whether it be a football, a stick, a huge fallen log deep in snow covered woods or a coconut in south Florida, Jack would catch it in midair and return again and again for more. If you were to toss a pebble into a pathway filled with a million pea stones, Jack would find just that pebble and return it to you. His instincts, his play drive, his obedience, his intelligence, his charm and his strength were unlike any other dog I have ever known.

I called him Jack. Not Prince or Rex or anything ostentatious. Just Jack. My dog Jack. He was a part of me and will always be a part of me until the day I die. Losing him has shown me the importance of friendship and love. A love so deep and a bond so thick that even death will not, cannot break it. That through his passing, my grief will reanimate his life in each moment, in each sunrise, with each season. I hear him in the wind, I feel his warmth in the cold. I will know he is beside me as my protector and my companion, my champion, my friend.

Words can never convey the deep emotion that was felt between he and I. No one can imagine a love like this between a girl and her dog. His beauty and grace cannot be painted nor sketched. No pen or brush are able to bring his true spirit to light. It is only feIt in my heart where his love lies and will remain always. Though I try to tell his story, I cannot accurately do it. You would have to know Jack for the true story to be told. And one day, should I happen to find a new pup only 8 inches high at my doorstep, he or she will be directly descended from this great animal, this king of dogs. My dog Jack. God rest in Peace my best friend. I love you and miss you most dearly.

Johann von Jagermeister

My Ten I Don’t Make Resolutions Resolutions


I could write about making New Year’s resolutions. I could make promises to enact 10 I don't make resolutions resolutionschanges within myself and then try to implement them all year long. I could go out and get dressed like nine miles of Broadway to be seen in the hippest joints with the coolest cats and awaken to a freight train rumbling through my head. I could.

But that’s stupid and pointless.

My promises and resolutions were made a long, long time ago. If I really want to have a night out on the town, I’d probably do it on a quiet beach somewhere. And it would probably be in the afternoon. Around four p.m. I don’t need to watch a ball drop at midnight. I’ve seen the ball drop and the other shoe drop, plenty of different times and on plenty of different days. One day does not a difference make.

1. Live truthfully.

I don’t need to make a promise to myself to diet or begin an exercise program. I don’t need to to proscribe to a strict regimen of vegetarian or vegan eating or militaristic exercise routines. I eat what I like and what makes me feel good as my body instructs me and I follow my natural cravings. I eat healthy foods and engage in activities that keep me fit doing the things I enjoy. Making a promise to become a gym rat seems counter productive. A healthy and physically fit rat. What exactly is that? A slave to a sweat covered machine that probably harbors MRSA.

2. Live in moderation.

I don’t make resolutions to work harder or to be more focused on my career. I do not make money the prime reason for employment. I do not force passion into my life.  I am steadfast, tenacious and hard working. Because I love what I do, there is no need to get focused or try harder. Love is what motivates me so no changes or promises are necessary. If you love it you will do it lovingly. That’s my motto.

3. Follow your bliss.

There is no need to apologize to anyone, make restitution or make changes to my inner being. I live my life openly and honestly. I follow the path that the Universe shows me and as it unfolds at my feet. If anything, there are others that need to apologize or at least look deep inside themselves and come to terms with their own patterns of deceit, jealousy and self-misery. Live openly and honestly always. Make no exceptions.

4. Be nice.

I don’t eat like a pig and gorge myself or drink myself stupid or imbibe in a narcotic infested drug culture. I don’t get completely deranged and fall victim to my desires. I haven’t taken advantage of anyone’s kindness or love for self aggrandizement. I can’t manipulate something or someone for ego gratification.  I haven’t stepped on toes to get ahead in life or to get a better job.

5. Control yourself.

I am aware of who I am and what I want. I clearly see the past and the future simultaneously. I recognize the patterns in life and in the Universe.  I look deep inside myself to understand the meaning of life; mine and the world I live in. For I know, all the answers I ever wanted to know are already within me. I make no excuses for bad behavior nor do I expect anyone else to.

6. Know Thyself.

I don’t need to make a promise to volunteer to help homeless women and children or war veterans. I already made a covenant to take more time to understand and help the broken hearted, the hungry and the lost. I know we must all put ourselves in others shoes and never put ourselves first. Gaining from someone else’s suffering is a prescription for failure. You can never gain when someone looses. Eventually, you will be in that situation.

7. Give selflessly.

They say New Year’s Day is a day to begin anew, make a fresh start and move on from the past. If you lived a life of honesty and kindness, made decisions and choices that bettered not just yourself but others as well, then the new year will be one of fresh beginnings. But only as good or bad as any year prior. A new year is not meant to wipe the slate clean or get absolved in some way for wrongs done. Simply forgetting doesn’t make it go away. If you do what you did, you will get what you got.

8. Believe in karma.

Don’t make a list to stop a bad habit like drinking or smoking. Don’t make a promise to change after the stroke of midnight. Don’t think that a destructive pattern you have held tightly onto for many years will suddenly change simply by virtue of time or place. Don’t transfer your own failings onto someone else believing that your own salvation is in their hands. Take responsibility for your words and actions, past and present. Do it everyday. Live it. Be it.

9. Live Now.

We are not above the laws of physics. We cannot force things to happen in our favor. We shouldn’t expect to achieve good results when we act badly. We need to accept that the world, the Universe and all of us operate as one and that every thing we say and do causes an effect that will alter millions of lives. The things we do one by one, we pay for two by two.

10. We are One.

2012  brings me a new career. A new home in a new city. A new life and a new love. Happy New Year’s begins everyday. One at a time.

10 Best Lateral Career Moves for 2011


I have recently landed a dream job in network programming and am extremely grateful. 10 best lateral career moves for 2011I’ve been waiting an eternity for an opportunity like this. Please however, do not think for one minute that I haven’t shuffled along with the rest of my fellow Americans during this economic maelstrom. I have.

But I made the best of it.

Certainty, being what it is, forced me to dig deep into what I knew and what skills I could bring to the table. Not once did I shirk any opportunity that came my way. I guess you could say I’m resourceful.

Media and news pundits have been advising us for over 2 years to look to our latent talents, develop new skills where applicable and not to be afraid to step out of the box. Try something you have fantasized about but never dared attempt. You may find your dream job is out there waiting for you.

So I took Madonna’s advice,Express Yourself and her incredible ability to re-invent          herself over and over and over. And voila! With that in mind, here are the10 best lateral career moves for 2011 that you can make during this financial landslide.

Many of these skills you already have and can be easily transferred to land you a very profitable means of income during these trying times. You may think your skills are very niche specific, but I beg to differ.

1. Pet Groomer/Farm Hand: Dominatrix (Consider the possibilities of switching species)
2. Inner city school teacher: Drug Rehab Counselor (Hey, you’re already half the way there).
3. Pharmacist: Drug Dealer (no brainer).
4. Pastry Chef: Drag Queen (c’mon, you know you’ve thought about this one at least once).
5. Housewife, Divorcee or Prima Ballerina: Stripper (obvious choice).
6. Insurance Agent: Gigolo (You’re already selling stuff that has no future, real value or pays in the end).
7. Human Resources Administrator: Organ Transplant courier (Human beings are replaceable to you).
8. Mortgage Rep: Repo Man/Woman (Indian giver: One who gives then takes away).
9. Corporate CEO: Superfund landfill backhoe operator or grave digger. (The perfect transitional career for sociopaths looking to make career changes).
10. Banker: Lethal Injection supervisor at San Quentin (You’re nickname at work was The Grim Reaper).

Well there it is folks. There’s plenty of jobs out there. Just keep your heads up, a stiff upper lip and consider stepping sideways.

I’ll Have a Green Christmas

all i want for christmas is a 2012 garden2011 has been a very good year but it has also been a proving ground. Many wonderful and enterprising things have occurred and in some cases a stoppage that proved painful initially, opened doors to a much brighter future. As they say, when one door closes another opens. After the drought, a deluge.

The economy and the vast changing face of America have left many jobless, homeless and desperate to hang on to their way of lives. Longstanding careers have gone up in smoke. Secure financial futures have dried up and families have been uprooted and torn apart, now standing barren in the wilderness.  Many have suffered enumerable losses from the direct result. I personally know of 3 suicides directly related to this economic strain and its widespread carnage. It’s the Dust Bowl all over again just in another form.

2012 offers us hope. If we planted the right seeds in 2011 those seedlings should begin to emerge soon; through the frozen landscape, bursting forth seeking the warm sun. For many, their timing to plant seeds was not just right and they may have more composting, tilling and plowing to do to get their gardens ready. I always found that the hard work I put into my organic gardens did not only produce wonderful, edible results, but it kept me very fit. This year, I was quite fortunate as I got the ground ready quite some time ago and now I am seeing those little bits of green peeping up through the snow.

The lessons we learn in life whether they be personal, financial or career oriented can all be learned through organic gardening. For what works in the soil and with nature will work in our lives as well.

For nice big fruits and vegetables, the earth needs to be rich, black, loamy and friable. This takes time to produce.The proper amount of sand for drainage, the leaf mold and peat, the organic manure and kelp and the trace minerals must be added in increments. The ground must freeze over to sterilize the soil and allow the roots to rest up for their hard work ahead and to eradicate pests that try to wreak havoc come spring.

But the hard work you put in is worth all the effort in the end when you bite into the juiciest, freshest produce imaginable. When your roses climb higher and cover the arbors and fill the air with their scent, you will know all the hours of work was for this moment of glory. When the Magnolia tree you planted grows tall and bears blossoms in Spring, the back that broke planting it will thank you every day.

So in retrospect, my 2011 was good. I had some incredible highs and experiences most could only dream of. I give many thanks for those moments. It had a few pitfalls here and there but I came out of it all unscathed. I never gave up and kept plugging away at my organic garden, mixing the right ingredients of minerals, time, patience and love. Lots of love. For without passion there can be no garden.

In my garden there are many things. There are many people and far away places. There are thousands of words and hundreds of pictures. In 2011, I toiled and tendered and in 2012 I will reap the rewards of an organically grown life; sprung from seed planted long ago, many right here on One Brief Moment.

Happy Gardening Everyone. May all your seeds grow big and strong in 2012.

Beware terminators from the outer Blogalaxy!


I admit it. I am not very good at reading lots of blogs or commenting on them. When I have any spare time at all, (and I am always surprised to find that so many people have so much of it), I read and comment on blogs I find interesting, provocative, humorous or even just cute and furry. I am always very happily surprised at the amount of excellent content that is out there. It inspires me to write more better and it makes me appreciate that we’re all one big happy family living in some Sibylline Blogalaxy together.

I try to be a team player but those kindly suggestions by our unflappable Happiness Engineers to get more readers by commenting on other blogs, never really spurs me into action. Plus I feel like I am being ordered to do something and I hate being bossed around.

I don’t even have a Gravatar. Just the “unknown man icon”, which is probably reserved for hackers, geeks and freaks hiding from the FBI and trying to keep their web footprint down to a bare minimum. Every time I see one of these, I shudder. Probably some kind of psycho serial killer I reckon. Nevertheless, this is what I chose to represent myself. So what does that say about me? Perplexing to say the least.

Today I clicked the, “Comments I have made”, link in my dashboard, and unbeknownst to me, I had several replies to my previous comments and even a few requests for my url dating back months ago. When I tried to respond to these blogs, a big mailer-daemon type thingy appeared, admonishing that the blog had been deleted! Dreaded horror engulfed me. My cyber-digit friends from planet Blog had been vaporized!

I won’t envisage anyone self-terminating their blog. After pouring out your heart, posting your favorite photos, making friends with fellow midnight writers; What would cause someone, with such riveting, well thought out and even researched material, to simply evaporate?

At first I pondered some type of planetary abductor from Blog, maybe whisking the blogger away to be forced to send out massive emails for all eternity via AOL with nothing but dial-up because they broke some kind of cardinal blogging rule. Or worse yet, they wrote something against the Proletariat and are now languishing in a frozen cell on Pluto with some anthracite and a slab of rhyolite. See, this is why I have my blog. If I told a therapist this stuff, I’d get locked away for sure or at least be put on psychotropic meds. Fo Sho...

I couldn’t do it. My blog is my baby. It’s  a part of my anatomy. It’s my friend when no one else is around to listen to my prattle and my demented stories and therefore my therapist. I love this doggone thing more than most people. That sounds really bad doesn’t it? Maybe that Gravatar is a good representation then…

So now, I’m really getting nervous wondering where those bloggers went. Some of my blog posts are about the truly bizarre and peculiar people that have crossed my path and how the revelation of their irksome strangeness came as quite a shock to me.

Does this mean that even in the blogalaxy I cannot correctly assess a cogent entity? That I am completely unable to recognize the lunatics, the fruitcakes and screwballs and now this? Alien terminators from planet Blog? What’s the world coming to?

Well, at least I’m partially safe, hiding behind Unknown Man icon. No QR codes for me folks. No aliens are terminating or vaporizing my blog. Heck, Big Brother doesn’t even know my real name.