My name is Summer Said. Until I change it to something really catchy, like my real name.

I am really just an average girl living in a lonely world….I was born in NYC, moved abroad till I was 6, traveled a lot, did a lot of cool stuff and experienced some really amazing things.

I started this blog as an outlet for writing. I always loved to write. In fact, the dean at my college asked me once why I chose to major in English Lit and I told him because I loved writing. I am a wordsmith. He asked me what I planned to do with my major and I said, write ad campaigns on Madison Ave. Needless to say, I never did do that. I was a bit of a butterfly and so I tried my hand at everything I loved. I figured life is too short to stick to one thing.

I have been a business owner and marketer. A website designer and self taught coder. A marine scientist, working on research vessels. A model. A professional dancer. A talent scout and booking agent. And now I am a writer again.  See what I mean? Everything comes ’round full circle. 😉 Besides, my Dad always told me to do what I love.

Currently I am a freelance writer offering my services for copy writing, web content and landing pages. If you have a script or a white paper you need written, contact me to discuss your needs.

If you would like to discuss your project email me at: feenix rizing 1111 at yahoo. My rates are standard industry rates for copy writers. Each project varies depending on scope. feenixrizing1111@yahoo.com

I hope you find my musings interesting, funny, enlightening and maybe even sad because sometimes we just need to pour our hearts out and let out a good cry or a scream. I try to be pragmatic but I am an emotional creature. Don’t know if it’s a chick thing or a Scorpio thing. Either way I live, love and laugh with intensity.

Thanks for joining me.  😉

PS. If your’e in the mood, you might check out my articles on Blogcritics.com.


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