(-1)(-1)= 4y Solve for y

I would like to talk about how everything comes around. Usually in 4 years.Why?

I have no idea why it is a 4 year turn around time frame, it just is. Things that occurred in 2008 are now coming full circle and to those who would not heed good, heartfelt advice, I am sorry for your current suffering. Just as I suspect that things occurring now will come ’round in 2016 give or take. So mind your P & Q’s.

I also know this: What you do will come back to you threefold. Not fourfold. As God is my witness, it will. I am seeing the results of some pretty shitty deeds done a few years back by a couple of pretty shitty people, come around to those individuals in a pattern of 3. I have also found that if you are very, very good, exemplary even, you will receive no such return in goodness. Why? Because it is expected. If you are a good, honest and true person, do not wait around for a lottery win. If you love people, the entire animal kingdom and volunteer your life’s mission to save sea turtles, abandoned puppies and children, feed the homeless, house the indigent, expect nothing in return. Consider your self lucky to be healthy, happy and alive. And that you spread cheer and good will to sea turtles, puppies, kids and homeless indigent folks.

Positive energy creates positive energy. No more, no less. You would have to make a global positive effect to receive the same like Mother Teresa or Ghandi. But don’t stop spreading positive energy and joy because you’re not going to win a Nobel peace prize or the lottey. The world, the Universe, thrives on it. Without it, the cosmos would implode.

But, and I swear this to be true, if you lie, cheat and steal, if you purposefully deceive, if you malign and harm an innocent, you’d better prepare yourself. There was a reason those old relics in China, Greece, Egypt and Jerusalem wrote proverbs and commandments. They watched the world turn and noticed the repetitive cycles not only in the seasons or in the night sky, but in the energy that human beings were constantly putting out and seeing it’s return a few years later. Oh, and if you know you were shitty, don’t bother looking for penance or forgiveness with the wave of the hand. You can seek all the absolution you want in the form of apologetic nuances. The energy has already been dispersed. And it is on it’s way back to you as we speak.

And those ‘no gooders’ really despised the good doers way back when and they still do. They hung them, burned them and crucified them. Even that came back to haunt them in more ways than one. Not only were their despicable actions martyred by the goodly and proven ill fated through the millennia, but the do gooders, were revered. For eternity.

So without sounding pompous or religious, for I cannot proscribe to any organized spiritual belief system, just know that your actions, words and thoughts will reverberate, will resound around the world and affect many,many lives. Whether or not you pray to a Celtic druid god or goddess, a Hebrew prophet or Chinese sage, a Tibetan monk or an Indian chief, those old fellas’ had it right the first time. Do what you did, and you will get what you got. They had many different ways of telling the same story.

Live each day as it were your last. Smile at a stranger. Help someone in need. Be forgiving. Why you ask? I’ll tell you why. Because when you forgive someone, it doesn’t let them off the hook, it lets you off. Forgiveness frees you from carrying around a lot of bad and negative energy which you will in turn send out to the world. The key is, you must really forgive from deep inside your heart and sometimes that takes a while. But don’t beat yourself up over it, just work hard at getting to a point where you can see that the negative actions of others, has no bearing on you and hence, forgive them. Even if you  have to forgive them for being assholes. It works. Try it. You’ll be smiling in no time.

Heal the world one person at a time and begin with yourself. Forget the greed, forget the lust and desire to obtain a thing or person at the expense of others. Save a life, whether it be a child’s or a fruit fly. We are all one on this blue planet. We all share the same energy. We all bleed, we all cry and we all need one another. Don’t let selfishness dictate at the expense of those around you. If you do, you will be sorry one day.

I wrote once, if you took away all that you had; your home, your beautiful wardrobe and jewelry, your vehicles, your bank account, your polo ponies…. and you stood naked to the world, what would you have left?

If your answer is nothing or not much, then you need to work on yourself.





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