My Ten I Don’t Make Resolutions Resolutions

I could write about making New Year’s resolutions. I could make promises to enact 10 I don't make resolutions resolutionschanges within myself and then try to implement them all year long. I could go out and get dressed like nine miles of Broadway to be seen in the hippest joints with the coolest cats and awaken to a freight train rumbling through my head. I could.

But that’s stupid and pointless.

My promises and resolutions were made a long, long time ago. If I really want to have a night out on the town, I’d probably do it on a quiet beach somewhere. And it would probably be in the afternoon. Around four p.m. I don’t need to watch a ball drop at midnight. I’ve seen the ball drop and the other shoe drop, plenty of different times and on plenty of different days. One day does not a difference make.

1. Live truthfully.

I don’t need to make a promise to myself to diet or begin an exercise program. I don’t need to to proscribe to a strict regimen of vegetarian or vegan eating or militaristic exercise routines. I eat what I like and what makes me feel good as my body instructs me and I follow my natural cravings. I eat healthy foods and engage in activities that keep me fit doing the things I enjoy. Making a promise to become a gym rat seems counter productive. A healthy and physically fit rat. What exactly is that? A slave to a sweat covered machine that probably harbors MRSA.

2. Live in moderation.

I don’t make resolutions to work harder or to be more focused on my career. I do not make money the prime reason for employment. I do not force passion into my life.  I am steadfast, tenacious and hard working. Because I love what I do, there is no need to get focused or try harder. Love is what motivates me so no changes or promises are necessary. If you love it you will do it lovingly. That’s my motto.

3. Follow your bliss.

There is no need to apologize to anyone, make restitution or make changes to my inner being. I live my life openly and honestly. I follow the path that the Universe shows me and as it unfolds at my feet. If anything, there are others that need to apologize or at least look deep inside themselves and come to terms with their own patterns of deceit, jealousy and self-misery. Live openly and honestly always. Make no exceptions.

4. Be nice.

I don’t eat like a pig and gorge myself or drink myself stupid or imbibe in a narcotic infested drug culture. I don’t get completely deranged and fall victim to my desires. I haven’t taken advantage of anyone’s kindness or love for self aggrandizement. I can’t manipulate something or someone for ego gratification.  I haven’t stepped on toes to get ahead in life or to get a better job.

5. Control yourself.

I am aware of who I am and what I want. I clearly see the past and the future simultaneously. I recognize the patterns in life and in the Universe.  I look deep inside myself to understand the meaning of life; mine and the world I live in. For I know, all the answers I ever wanted to know are already within me. I make no excuses for bad behavior nor do I expect anyone else to.

6. Know Thyself.

I don’t need to make a promise to volunteer to help homeless women and children or war veterans. I already made a covenant to take more time to understand and help the broken hearted, the hungry and the lost. I know we must all put ourselves in others shoes and never put ourselves first. Gaining from someone else’s suffering is a prescription for failure. You can never gain when someone looses. Eventually, you will be in that situation.

7. Give selflessly.

They say New Year’s Day is a day to begin anew, make a fresh start and move on from the past. If you lived a life of honesty and kindness, made decisions and choices that bettered not just yourself but others as well, then the new year will be one of fresh beginnings. But only as good or bad as any year prior. A new year is not meant to wipe the slate clean or get absolved in some way for wrongs done. Simply forgetting doesn’t make it go away. If you do what you did, you will get what you got.

8. Believe in karma.

Don’t make a list to stop a bad habit like drinking or smoking. Don’t make a promise to change after the stroke of midnight. Don’t think that a destructive pattern you have held tightly onto for many years will suddenly change simply by virtue of time or place. Don’t transfer your own failings onto someone else believing that your own salvation is in their hands. Take responsibility for your words and actions, past and present. Do it everyday. Live it. Be it.

9. Live Now.

We are not above the laws of physics. We cannot force things to happen in our favor. We shouldn’t expect to achieve good results when we act badly. We need to accept that the world, the Universe and all of us operate as one and that every thing we say and do causes an effect that will alter millions of lives. The things we do one by one, we pay for two by two.

10. We are One.

2012  brings me a new career. A new home in a new city. A new life and a new love. Happy New Year’s begins everyday. One at a time.


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