I’ll Have a Green Christmas

all i want for christmas is a 2012 garden2011 has been a very good year but it has also been a proving ground. Many wonderful and enterprising things have occurred and in some cases a stoppage that proved painful initially, opened doors to a much brighter future. As they say, when one door closes another opens. After the drought, a deluge.

The economy and the vast changing face of America have left many jobless, homeless and desperate to hang on to their way of lives. Longstanding careers have gone up in smoke. Secure financial futures have dried up and families have been uprooted and torn apart, now standing barren in the wilderness.  Many have suffered enumerable losses from the direct result. I personally know of 3 suicides directly related to this economic strain and its widespread carnage. It’s the Dust Bowl all over again just in another form.

2012 offers us hope. If we planted the right seeds in 2011 those seedlings should begin to emerge soon; through the frozen landscape, bursting forth seeking the warm sun. For many, their timing to plant seeds was not just right and they may have more composting, tilling and plowing to do to get their gardens ready. I always found that the hard work I put into my organic gardens did not only produce wonderful, edible results, but it kept me very fit. This year, I was quite fortunate as I got the ground ready quite some time ago and now I am seeing those little bits of green peeping up through the snow.

The lessons we learn in life whether they be personal, financial or career oriented can all be learned through organic gardening. For what works in the soil and with nature will work in our lives as well.

For nice big fruits and vegetables, the earth needs to be rich, black, loamy and friable. This takes time to produce.The proper amount of sand for drainage, the leaf mold and peat, the organic manure and kelp and the trace minerals must be added in increments. The ground must freeze over to sterilize the soil and allow the roots to rest up for their hard work ahead and to eradicate pests that try to wreak havoc come spring.

But the hard work you put in is worth all the effort in the end when you bite into the juiciest, freshest produce imaginable. When your roses climb higher and cover the arbors and fill the air with their scent, you will know all the hours of work was for this moment of glory. When the Magnolia tree you planted grows tall and bears blossoms in Spring, the back that broke planting it will thank you every day.

So in retrospect, my 2011 was good. I had some incredible highs and experiences most could only dream of. I give many thanks for those moments. It had a few pitfalls here and there but I came out of it all unscathed. I never gave up and kept plugging away at my organic garden, mixing the right ingredients of minerals, time, patience and love. Lots of love. For without passion there can be no garden.

In my garden there are many things. There are many people and far away places. There are thousands of words and hundreds of pictures. In 2011, I toiled and tendered and in 2012 I will reap the rewards of an organically grown life; sprung from seed planted long ago, many right here on One Brief Moment.

Happy Gardening Everyone. May all your seeds grow big and strong in 2012.


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