Untamed Heart

“The greatest thing, you’ll ever learn, is just to love and to be loved in return..

From Nature Boy, written by Eden Ahbez and sung by Nat King Cole. The most beautiful song I’ve ever heard.

There was a boy, a very strange enchanted boy…

When you look over your life and all of the relationships you have had, certain shining qualities stand out amongst them all. After much reflection, the lack of human compassion, the absence of truth and the games people play, it is but a small percentage of us that ever really feel or experience love at its highest vibration.

Many relationships teeter on financial or familial obligation. Many others are brought together by even more sinister or selfish reasons. I’ve spoken in my posts of sociopathic and narcissistic relationships before and thankfully, I was shown the truth and no longer allow those experiences into my world and what’s more, I recognize them. My eyes are and continue to be wide open.

It is not the sweet whispers and promises of love, the exalted physical bond that entraps or even the grand gestures and gifts that stand out in my mind or in my memories. It is not a world wind romance that sweeps you off your feet or the diamonds, gifts and exotic dream vacations that I recall. They mean absolutely nothing where love is concerned. To experience true love, there needs be none of these things at all. You need nothing. And yet you receive it all.
Just one strange tiny connection can happen in one brief moment. In a world filled with pain and chaos, no matter the outcome, no matter the events that transpire, it can often be the most fulfilling, the most transcending.  Deep down in your heart and soul, when you recall this moment, the tears run forth readily.  I have had this magical moment and am better for it.
Have you ever had someone love you just the way you are? Or had someone watch you while you slept because the peace that came over your face soothed their weary soul in a world fraught with indifference and isolation? Instead of making large plans to fly someplace remote and exotic, have you had moments of complete connectedness with someone while photographing spiders? Or slept on the beach to awaken to a band of surfers?
I think it is these small miracles that spell out love. I have experienced so many forms of love in my life. Many of them destructive and many others not as much but yet none nearly as memorable as the simple moment of lying in bed watching a favorite love story on a laptop. Or going for pancakes at IHOP at 4 in the morning after laughing so hard your belly ached. In these moments when you stare into one anothers eyes, you will know each others souls and not matter who or what may try to disrupt those moments, you will know you have found love.
Being present for someones tears, hearing their past transgressions, adoring the peculiar differences and wanting to grow together and walk the same path is love. And if even for only a moment, to experience this, is worth all the other loves combined. I wouldn’t change a thing except to experience this again.

There was a boy
A very strange enchanted boy
They say he wandered very far, very far
Over land and sea
A little shy
And sad of eye
But very wise
Was he

And then one day
A magic day he came my way
And while we spoke of many things, fools and kings
This he said to me
“The greatest thing
You’ll ever learn
Is just to love
And be loved
In return”

“The greatest thing
You’ll ever learn
Is just to love
And be loved
In return”.