Summer heat wave

Today was a scorcher. Topped out at around 97 degrees. Yesterday, my on-board temperature reading was a fiery hot 101 by 12:30 pm. This evening is a warm 80 but the ocean breeze picked up due to the Coriolis Effect and the tradewinds wafting in from far off lands.

I spent my day indoors in a temperate 75 degrees. The cool, creamy leather, marble floors and glass and steel furnishings make the space simple and uncomplicated. The chocolate stucco walls and crushed voile sheers, citron green silk pillows strewn about and Flokati throws, create a Zen mood. I lit all the giant vermillion and sandalwood scented candles and took a cool, cucumber and lavender soak, waiting for the heat to return. I play Luna Muera and Max Melvin’s Seaside to complete my serene mood. Mmmm…

He walks in with a languid bounce and drapes his long legs and six foot frame onto the leather. He reminds me of a Palomino under saddle. Golden bronzed skin draping his chiseled shoulders and biceps, his thick blonde mane shading his eyes; he cocks his head to the side to brush the hair away. The voice, a sultry Southern hemisphere near Brit, calls out for me. Emerging damp and gleaming, my hair piled high, the wavy curls drip water onto his bare chest.

Bracing for exquisite coupling, the dance begins. Caressing my neck and finding his way to full breasts that hungrily await him. Twisting our lengthened bodies, our muscles squeeze one another gripping tightly to extract every ounce of sweetness. Crescendo after crescendo, there is no end to this symphonic tantric dance. Sugared and moistened, our tanned bodies and tousled blonde locks collapse onto iced satin sheets.

At midnight we stroll the beach as we nightly do, sipping wine and searching for Loggerheads coming ashore to nest. We commune at our beach and our favorite tiki and we dance again.

This is the heat. This is the cool blue sea. This is what I love.


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