Mr. Morgan: You are a Sociopath.

Danger! Keep Out! Gary Busey!

Danger! Keep Out! Gary Busey! (Photo credit: Lulu Hoeller)

Please be advised, for the umteenth millionth time. I see your Google searches and I can see when you visit my blog and view my photos which is why they are now private. I do not understand why you still keep coming here. Each time I remove the blog post, you force me to re-post it by making your monthly visits. It is the dumbest most narcissistic behavior I have ever witnessed.
I do not think about you. EVER. Except when I see your stupid Google searches and clicks on my photos. You’re very annoying. And did I mention, stupid.

You are not human let alone, a man. Please read Malignant Self Love by Sam Vaknin.
I know all about Portland, Maine and its nasty inhabitant. I know all about her pretenses, hypocrisy and lies and her affection for multiple married men. Seems like you are made for one another. I have not encountered 2 narcissists in a relationship in my research yet, but there is always a first time for everything. More than likely she is suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder and was abandoned by her father at a young age. I wonder whose mirror will crack first.

You lied from the moment you met me in 2008 right up until July 2011. You told me you  were in love with me and begged me to forgive all the lies you told for the first 10 months that I knew you. Then you pleaded with me to wait for you to get an apartment for nearly 2 years. You cried on the phone dozens of times telling me of the plight of your mildly handicapped daughter, your life and broken miserable marriage and when I questioned you as late as the winter of 2010 and into 2011 you still swore your love and asked me why I distrusted you or questioned your motives.

Beyond disgusting is the only way to describe you. Who on earth uses a handicapped child as a rouse to get women into bed? Who on earth could lie like that, for as long as you did? Other than a complete sociopath.

You cheated on your wife during your entire marriage, which you admitted to me, while traveling all over the place. You lured me into your twisted sick game too. Your patterns are very predictable to anyone that cares to take heed. You will never change. I still have all the phone records, text messages, photos and emails from you as proof of your sociopathic lies. You need deep therapy, unfortunately for you, there is no therapy. However, your victims do. I pray your child manages all right through life having you as a father. God knows, any girl with a father like that would be damaged forever.

But I do want to thank you. Because I am free from your psychotic and twisted affairs and lies. Because my children are beautiful, stable, successful and talented. Because I don’t have a past I need to run from or lie about. Because I make normal bonds with other normal people that have no need to hide who or what they truly are.
Please stop coming by here and making a fool out of yourself. Please ask your friends and that dingbat social worker from Maine, to cease visiting my blog. I have no interest in you nor your pathetic life. I know you are a consummate liar, a womanizer, a sociopath and a narcissist.  Remarkably, so do you, when you are alone with yourself (and if that dimwit has half a brain, she knows it too).

You’re not even good looking Mark. Look what I found? —>You look like Gary Busey with a red nose and big crooked yellow teeth. And the funny thing is, the resemblance is so uncanny, someone asked me if I had manipulated the photo. Nope.

I remember my gut instinct the night I met you was, “Weirdo”. Which was why I tried to give you the slip to begin with. But you hunted me down from Vancouver to Florida and to NJ and back again. You are a weirdo. You are a freak.

I will ask you once again, please go away. Stay away from my blog and please stop staring at my images. Just get used to your short, hairy, Wombat with frog legs from the woods.

The life you left  a behind will catch up to you one day. You are repeating the same thing all over again. You’re such an idiot.

Life is spectacular without you in it.