Burly Q Girl

I have been extremely busy with a theatrical production company here in Palm Beach Florida. Having walked into what I thought was going to be a wine and cheese networking event with a best selling published author friend of mine, I inadvertently walked into a casting call and was practically forced to get up to the mic and audition. Once I did, giving my smoky, bluesy, rendition of Connie Francis’ big hit, “Where the Boys are”, I was cast in a show I was totally unaware of. A month and a half later I am having the best time of my life singing and dancing. However, I am wearing so many hats and switching them so rapidly, that I forgot to pop in here to write and I do apologize for that.

While doing all the media production, set design, marketing, choreography and performing, I received some rather nice news concerning my mother. I may have mentioned that though my Dad was an intellectual, my mother was in show business. My mother was quite a big star of Burlesque a very long time ago. As a kid not only did Noam Chomsky bounce me on his knee but so did Dean Martin, Red Foxx, Tempest Storm and a host of others. Needless to say, I was raised in an intellectual environment  but also had the priviledge of getting a wonderful dose of the performing arts and so I studied ballet, tap, jazz, piano, violin and voice.

Recently, Hollywood  tried  to reinact the real days of Burlesque, with Cher, Christina Aguilerra and Catherine Zeta Jones. It was not remotely close to the real thing and missed the mark completely. I tried to watch it and did catch some good choreography and dance sequences periodically, not done by the stars of the film themselves of course, but other than a few moments here and there it was a trite and rather lame attempt to bring back the glory and the glamor that was the real Burlesque.

While in production for a remake of the hysterical musical comedy, Beach Party, (in which I play a dancing and singing Erick Von Zipper female motorcycle devotee clad in a leather bra and thigh high boots), I was informed that my mother is being inducted into the Burlesque Hall of Fame. I am so excited that finally in her golden years she is being recognized for the glamor, entertainment and beauty she brought to the world. In fact, she was referred to me as a ,”Queen of Burlesque”, to which I cried. I guess since she’s my Mom, I never really understood who she was as a woman. Now that I know, I can say my mother was truly something else and she is being recognized for it in Las Vegas later this year.

I was so torn growing up. By my mid-twenties I had decided to leave the performing arts  all together. I had gone to college for English Literature but then found myself married to blues keyboard player and that brought the performing arts back into my world again. It was then that I realized I could play the drums. It came quite easily to me as I play by ear and have metronome timing. For me, it was tap-dancing with my hands and a phenomenal whole body work out much like in dancing. But I felt a bit out of place, being a female percussionist until someone reminded me of the great female drummers like Sheila E and Stephanie Eulinberg.  Now I feel more at home playing and love sitting in on a jam when I can.

It seems that no matter where I go or what I do I always end up in the performing arts so I have decided to make it my business and I have been combining my writing, graphic and web design and other artistic talents along with my musical and dancing attributes and I could not be happier. Like Dad always said, ” Do what you love.”

This is to you Mom, thank you so much for all the gifts you gave me and for all of my talents. I am honored to be you little Burly Q girl.