How Blogging alters Life as we know it…

One Brief Moment: Permutations in Impermanence has been an incredible journey and vehicle for me. It has provided guidance through every inquest I have had about people, places, words and thoughts and the personal experiences I’ve had from the past to the most recent. This blog is my godsend and it literally has sent me some incredible opportunities, healed my past and set me free to discover and live in the world I have always envisioned.

What began as a blank canvas has permutated into a living, breathing life-force. It is my friend, doctor and muse and now my lover as well. I saw it in my head, I wrote about it here and just as an explosion in the far reaches of space can produce a sun to shine its light on distant worlds, so has this blog shined its light on mine.

A deceptive relationship was realized on my blog.  I came to understand narcissism, sociopathic relationships and pathological lying on my blog. It helped me get to the truth about my own father and mother’s lives and hence, much of my own. I have seen more in this past year than I wished I had, but this blog has opened my eyes to the deceit, the false intentions and much negativity and destruction that my eyes had been otherwise closed to. Blogging has allowed me to cry out loud, laugh until I cried and most importantly to heal and redirect my energies to bring to fruition my own Europa. One Brief Moment became and is my life script.

In the past six months my world has magically transformed itself and I owe it all to One Brief Moment; the infant born in January, 2011 and quite possibly the daughter of an Aquarian Age. In the chaos of life’s changes, upheavals and swirling destruction, this cataclysm of thought, word, emotion and energy, has collided, bringing forth a beautifully perfect Universe both in time and space. The tiny microcosm I call my world.

I embrace chaos and so should you. A new life form grows within that chaos and its new beginning must first come from the destruction of all that ever was. It creates from fire to produce a new world just as a phoenix will rise from the ashes or the birth of a star will create a distant world.

I am busy working on website content and my writing is moving in the direction I had always hoped it would. I write everyday and am getting paid for it. I have lost loved ones and found that the deepest love of all exists inside of me and so long as it does my world is a beautiful and magical place. I have etched out a brand new path that will take me down roads I had only dreamed of before. Now is my constant companion, not the past and not what lies ahead. I have my feet firmly planted in the now and I will never look back.

I am convinced of the power of intentions and especially in writing them.  I have not been writing just for me. This was not an exercise in personal development or discovery.  I have been writing directly to the Universe and someone or something has been paying close attention. The synchronicities have been appearing for over 6 months. 11:11 time stamps occurring daily, weekly and monthly, alerting me to the portal I was about to enter. I still see them everyday. This approaching event horizon brings with it a new world and I welcomed it with open arms. I am engineering a new destiny and creating a new world.  The synchronicities are the signs; an ETA time stamp, ticking down to the birth of a new world of my own making.


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