Kindly ask Google to clear their cache

If anyone is wondering what to do about posts they find offensive once they have been removed from blogs but still show up in Google’s cache search, you may want to ask Google to clear their cache. I doubt they will honor your request, so you may just have to wait it out. It could appear in their cache for months even though they no longer appear here. I cannot control Google.But I do like them and they like me too. Sorry…
I have no need to be bothered with your filth or writing about your filth. I find humor in all of your despicable, sociopathic, twisted, lying crap. It has made for some really good material though. Don’t ya’ think? 😉 I mean honestly, people are rolling in the aisles. Shame, shame. You should have behaved more above board and maybe even a bit more like a man you complete asshole. I’m so done with all of your stupid bullshit. But I will write what I like and I will have fun while doing it.
In other words, FUCK OFF.
Fuck off with your Google searches of old posts, fuck off with Googling your name and fuck off with your constantly looking at and copying my photos you completely twisted dirtbag. Sometimes, actually most times, you get what you give. You gave it out and I gave it right back to you. So please, fuck off. My boyfriend thinks you need to go to Man-Up school. You sniveling wuss.
And just so you know, I see your searches, I get your clicks and I get your locations and IP’s. You have got to be the dumbest bastard I have ever known.
I think I will send you my medical bills by the way. At least my attorney thinks I should.

Here is the bottom line. You totally fucked up asshole. You know you did, I pointed it out, I called you on it. Get over it and grow up. I am allowed by law to write what I like and as long as I speak truth and can back it up, all is well in the US of A. This is America. You stupid left winged, socialist prick. Oh yea, I forgot, you hate Obama remember?
I wonder…Maybe you’re having an identity crisis. Why don’t you invest in some psychotherapy and some regression therapy. Apparently, you had a very screwed up childhood.
As my friend from New Zealand would say, “go fuck your dog”.