The same as it ever was…

Today I finally wrote about my personal experiences with the horrific events of 9-11. It took me a couple of days to compile the copy and it should be available soon on Blogcritics.

I don’t know why it took me so long to write anything about that day. Much of my experience came to me in a dream, a vision if you will in 1991. On the actual day, it was a case of supreme deja vu and fortunately I was able to be with both of my children and we escaped with our lives. That was not the case for several of my friends and co-workers at that time.

Working in a bedroom community of New York, I knew many people that worked in the Trade Center. One was lost on the 101st floor as an employee of Cantor Fitzgerald. Peter Apollo. He was getting married that November. Another was lost on flight 93. He was my friend from high school’s father. We all grew up knowing Mr. Driscoll, better known as Joe.

Today, in my hometown, everyone gathers for the “Walk”. In Joe Driscoll’s memory the entire town converges and pays respect. Friends fly in from all over. I have yet to do this. I think somehow, I would rather see old friends on a happier note and less somber occasion. My heart bleeds for their losses and of the destruction we all bore witness to and I think of it often. Not only on this day.

The piece I wrote for Blogcritics tells the tale of my experience in 1991. I was humbled by a prophetic dream of enormous scope and accuracy ten years before the actual event. It played out nearly identically to my dream. I will post the article here when it gets published. I only submitted it this morning.

I’ve been blessed since I was quite small with this ability. I “see” things and those things play out exactly as I see them. Most times, it is on a global scale. In other words, my visions and dreams are generally of floods, plane crashes, fires, mud slides or other natural disasters and once the space shuttle Challenger disaster. I was wide awake when that vision came to me. In fact, I was vacuuming my children’s playroom.

I’ve found a way to turn off those visions, dreams or images most of the time. I can control them to some extent. But I am also able to see “remotely”. This I can turn on and off at will also. Sometimes, the “on” button is engaged and I am unaware of it when I suddenly can see something or someone from quite a distance. It’s not always pleasant for me. Most times, I am blessed but as anyone who is familiar with this type of anomaly can tell you, it can also be a curse. I saw a movie once called Suspect Zero starring Ben Kingsley that was an eerily accurate description of what I can do, but of course it was highly fictionalized and adapted for the screen.

I experienced a very painful situation some time ago. One in which I was lied to so badly that even though I kept, “seeing” things and questioning things, I was still derided. It’s okay for me now to speak about this because the one thing I learned from it all is that my inner voice and my visions are always right and my senses, my visions, my gift, will never do me wrong. I sometimes refer to it as a “souls” voice. Many times I see in my third eye and many times I also hear and that voice definitely comes from my belly. I’m not sure if I got that from my Cherokee blood or my father from his CIA/NSA background or maybe a bit of both. Either way, I’m stuck with it and I am humbled by my ability to see, hear and feel things others cannot.

We all possess these gifts. Many are simply dormant. They must be activated, cultivated and adhered to. But to be sure, once it is activated, prepare yourself for seeing truth.The truth can be a very ugly thing.

I will always bring truth to my world and to the worlds of others. If it is offensive to some, then they simply are in a state of mind that masks the truth or one in which they would rather not accept. That’s okay too. Because the truth has a mind of its own and it always shows itself exactly like my dream in 1991 and the real events of September 11, 2001 now does for the rest of the world. Everything is the same as it ever was or will be. All you have to do is open your eyes, your heart and listen to your inner soul’s voice.


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