This Social Worker is a Social Disaster

Can it be? Is it true? Is it possible that someone educated in public social policy and with a background in social work and primary care for less fortunate children can also be a drunk, waggling her tongue out in photos with lesbians playing pool while guzzling pints of Guinness? Is that person honestly sporting a barbed wire tattoo on her ankle and Kokopelli on her enormous cheese covered rump in a pathetic attempt at weight loss reduction? I mean honestly. Did you catch a cab for the last leg of the race?? Whoaahh. This social worker is a social disaster.

Can it be that this so called “high-brow” educated intellectual, sleeps around with not just one married man but with two at the same time? That this supposedly world cultured and well versed woman writes an infantile blog, not in the first or second person or even third, but in a dogs voice about going across country with more typos, grammatical and syntactical errors than a paper written by a 13 year old boy about what he did on his summer vacation?

Can it be that this tree hugging liberal who touts social programs for the less fortunate can actually uproot someone’s life and nearly cost them their career? Who has a person thrown out of their own house on false charges of domestic violence? Forcing the homeowner to rent an apartment and lose all of his belongings while she merrily brought another married man to that house to fornicate with??? Oh dear God, say it ain’t so….

If all of this sounds outrageous to you then hold on to your hat. This is a true and accurate picture of a woman who poses as a clinical social worker who writes policies for Medicaid to determine how states should spend their money and on which programs. If you are like I and are concerned about the state of our health care systems and the social programs our governing entities institute, then look no further. This is who is employed to do the work so desperately needed for the less fortunate and who is behind the scenes acting as chief cook and bottle washer for America’s children, sexually battered women and the federally subsidized Medicaid programs instituted to help these victims. If you want to vomit now, please do. I already have several times.

This is a woman who is childless. Knows nothing of child care or what is involved in properly raising them. She is far to selfish to ever truly devote her life to that.  In fact she knowingly entered into a live-in relationship with a man specifically right after he got his divorce settlement for the sole purpose of getting his money, had him removed from his own home on false domestic abuse charges and then took his dog and left the country. World be warned This is a walking social disaster with a masters degree in social work. It must be akin to why hairdressers always have ridiculous looking hair styles or politicians are always lining their pockets with tax payers money. I could laugh but in all honesty it sickens me.

This woman, this childless, short and stubby, overweight, mustachio-lipped creature, actually believes she is an intellectual. Attempting to hobnob with the high-brow and in elite educational circles. It must be some sort of sick joke. Did I miss something here? Are you also a trained ballet dancer and violinist? Is your ear trained on classical music too and can you read music as well? Really? Did you come from an entire family of Ivy Leaguers, Yale graduates and Columbia University professors also? Did Noam Chomsky come to your house also when you were a kid? Do you even know who Noam Chomsky is you moronic imbecile?  Since you swing hard to the left as I understand you do, you should. Somehow, I seriously doubt that you know who he is or that he visited your home . Your pathetic attempt at trying to be an, “intellectual” is paper thin. Trust me, you are anything but that. You are nothing but a gutter snipe going from married man to married man, older man to older man looking for a sugar daddy and lying to the world about caring about battered women, victims of rape or broken destitute families. You are a disgusting excuse of a woman and a social worker.

How odd is it that you are not able to see through the deceptive man you are with now?  Didn’t your high brow education afford you a few classes in psychology? Can it be you are this obtuse? Or, conversely, is it likely that you both are completely aware of the deception you both perpetrate on others? Can one snake not recognize the other? Simple animal physiology tells us that snakes emit no odors; it is one of the ways they can capture their prey without detection along with their slimy, slinky mechanized approach and attack.That seems a good fit for both an overweight idiot and a married womanizing cheat. Perhaps the ace predator metaphor gave too much credit. What a crew.

Do the world a favor, go back to Ghana and start over. Perhaps a valuable lesson was missed while posing as a Peace Corps recruit. Being a social policy analyst and delegating for people’s lives means you need a soul and a heart. Not merely paper accreditation. You need practical social  knowledge and the life skills to back it up. You don’t know a thing about children, marriage, divorce, drug addiction, rape, battered women or social programs. Your nothing but a paper pusher. Faking your way with a pathetic paper degree is only worth the paper it’s written on when you clearly have zero practical application. Take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror. Maybe you need a trip to visit the Oracle of Delphi to absorb the true meaning of KNOW THYSELF. 

Dear God, thank you for letting me see the truth in people’s lies and their false representations and intentions and for bringing the good people into my life that would assist me in that matter. Thank you for my God given ability to speak and write truth. Thank you for the US Constitution and the 1st Amendment.

Dear America, this is a true story. We can either shake our heads in disbelief or do something about it. It is our right as American citizens to do something about it.


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