Can you hear your souls voice?

When your soul speaks, do you listen? The small voice that whispers to you, comes by way of your third chakra. It is not the mind speaking nor your heart. It is why we often miss it all together. It does not shout out or create emotional confusion when it speaks.

Your hearts voice comes with a bewildering set of emotions that well up within us and sets us afloat on a sea of love. It exalts and adores us in the bosom of its joy. It speaks to us of all we hold dear and for the comfort that we so long. It resonates much like an operatic aria. It is impossible to ignore. We listen to that voice because it is the voice of our mother. Loving and nurturing, always there to soothe us when we are weary and broken. Her voice sings out to us, diffuse with color, glimmering light and warm embraces.

That voice tells us to do what feels good.

Our head has a firm and resounding voice. It is pragmatic and logical. Our heart voice fights with our head voice for supremacy. The two will always battle. Our head voice sounds like our fathers. Adamant, resolute and stoic, not any fun at all. No colors, lights or embraces. The head voice repeats like a mathematical equation or a computer program. It is consistent and correct. He makes sense of all things but provides us without euphoria. And just like listening to our fathers, we comply adoringly.

That voice tells us what we should do.

It is but the meek voice, residing in our bellies that we fail to hear, with its very strong message, if only we would listen. For it does not shout or demand, sing or pacify. It merely whispers. Its voice never reaches our ears or our hearts. No battle exists between it and the other voices, as they try to overpower one another in a constant battle to gain our attention.The meek do not need to battle the strong. A knowing voice simply exists in an effortless state.

This voice is the point of origin. The true essence of being. It subtly tells us where we belong. When or with whom, why and how and what shall become of us all, belong to this voice. It softly begs us to hear our dreams and intentions and to make them real. It is with this voice that we become one with the Universe. When we hear and listen to this voice we express those tears that rise so deeply from within. It is here we understand how all things work, where all of our questions are answered. Our delight and our bliss. Our hopes and our dreams. This is the unaffected Father and Mother. The voice you hear when deeply relaxed reveals no urgency, no emotional clamor.

Lacking discourse, it will never hurt you or steer you down the wrong path because it is the voice unique to us all. It is the voice of calm and reason and of pure love. It is the voice of the soul. Listen to the soul voice.

We have but one voice.


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