Odin, Loki and a llama

Odin spied the runes, hanging from the world tree for nine days. Son of Bor and Bestla, he is also referred to as Alfadir, All Father. Odin is master of all; the world, the heavens and the universe. He is King of the gods. He is called Wodan and Wednesday is named for him.

Loki, the ancient trickster is always stirring up trouble. He is a shape shifter, a sky traveler, malicious and heroic simultaneously. He may appear as a salmon, a serpent or a mare. But to me, they’re just my cats.


Odin and Loki are my two identical white cats. They were found and brought to me as tiny orphaned beach kittens while I recuperated from injuries sustained in a car wreck . Identical twin brothers, pure snow white, each bearing one blue eye and one gold eye. Unusual looking to say the least. Although they are identical in appearance, they have distinctly different personalities. A rare duo and I believe a rare breed of Turkish Van and my constant companions.

Odin is quite vocal and very affectionate, always following me and always looking to be petted. Loki is shy and reserved and will not allow being picked up, but he will slyly approach and sit in your lap for some hugs and a good scratch. Both understand English quite well. In fact, they’re rather like dogs when it comes to teaching them anything. They each    know their names and when it’s dinner time or time to go play out doors. Odin keeps the stray Toms at bay while Loki hides in the bushes. Such brotherly love…They know they don’t like dogs or stray cats at all but they do like lizards. Odin likes to watch Animal Planet. Large animals like buffalo, horses and camels seem to amaze him. Loki sleeps on my leather sofa with his legs sprawled. Typical guy…They both know they prefer to sleep on white satin sheets and pillows like me.

I’ve recently told them that we may at some point be getting an addition to the family. Of course our new family member will be white as well. While researching Peru I’ve decided that I would like a llama. They seem like friendly, docile and useful creatures and Odin and Loki are already used to my alpaca rugs so I think they like the texture and I know they like playing hide and seek under them. They coil up together forming a ying yang and snooze while I play strangely exotic tunes from Tibet, Navaho Indian tribes or Peru. I think they’ll fit in just fine. My little Norse gods.



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