Synchronicities and changes

Change isn’t always easy. People tend to fight it, kicking and screaming even though making a change of any kind would benefit them greatly. Certain changes I don’t like making either. I’m stuck in my ways a lot of the time. For the most part though, I embrace change. It seems to me that making changes especially great, life altering ones, offers up an opportunity to evolve, to achieve, to become something bigger and better than before. It’s an adventure into the unfamiliar and the unexplored. It’s not gambling per se but it is risk taking. Life would be otherwise platitudinous. Here is a chance to see what you are really made of and to face your fears. I like that. It’s a lot like playing the game truth or dare. The truth is to know and trust yourself, the dare is to get to know the part of yourself that you don’t know. Let the games begin.

Expression needs be salient and heterogeneous for me to feel satisfaction. Not one to sit by idly and punch numbers or push papers around, I need  visual, intellectual and creative stimulation. I suppose I bore easily and I know what I love and prefer to do that, all of that, or die.

Lots of folks thumb their noses to those who dare to make changes in their lives. “You shouldn’t you know”, they say. “Not a good idea, too risky” they warn. What they’re really saying is,” why don’t you eek out a humdrum, monotonous life, the same day in and the same day out”. Ruminating, “we can commiserate and be equally unhappy with our lives”. Yet another soul to plow through life with on two dimensions with no desire to visit the other three. This is not the life I had envisioned.

I am going to do what ever I want, forever. For this, I do not atone. Certainly, I have fallen on my face once or twice. I rise fixed and resolute. Then plan something even more outrageous. I am planning that as I write. I will never have a job. Not one outlined or defined by societal notions that is. Do what you love. If you do that you will always love what you do. It has always worked for me and I’ve had the best advisors tell me to keep doing that.

Aside from my writing, which is an addiction at this point, I need something wildly adventurous to squelch any possibility of a prosaic state. My best friend and Yoga instructor and I are planning a venture in Peru. We are at ground zero but the planning stage is well underway; we have ourselves and 2 others onboard and one investor. I’d love to recruit some more investors and I’m positive that once I write up the business plan and proposal, they will. I am giddy with delight. She’s more mystical than I, so I am not allowed to openly discuss our plans, she fears the plans getting censured or denounced. Generally I am of a different mind, believing if you speak openly your intentions, they manifest more readily.

The plan involves holistic healing, raw foods, meditation, yoga, writing, painting, nature, massage, hot springs, travel, language, photography, technology, a working farm, adventure and lots of love. Soulful love.The type many people crave and can’t grasp due to their inability to release themselves from a life of pain, a life of contradiction and a life full of complications. We are going to show them how it is done. With a deep understanding of humanity and spirituality, the need for love and for absolute freedom of expression, provided in a setting so pristine, where even the most cynical of believers transform by its beauty. They will leave metamorphose.

I am in deep training both physically and metaphysically. I’m in very good physical condition at the present but this undertaking will require me to be in top notch physical, mental and physiological form. There can be no distractions. My body, mind and soul are in for an overhaul.

I will commune with my innermost spiritual side rather than let society stifle it. I will breathe in and out only artistic and creative breaths. I will quiet and soothe the clatter that abounds in this complicated and ambiguous world, rife with mans propensity to do harm and to deceive. I embrace the difficulty we may face. I embrace the endurance I will need. I embrace the challenges I am undertaking because so much will be garnered and so much more created. It is the life I dreamed of so long ago and now that vision, that intention is here.


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