A typical beach day

I’ve been so busy writing, with my face practically a fixture against my laptop, that today I decided, to take the day off.

I know this may sound ridiculous, because I live at the beach, but I rarely go. For me, since it is a constant in my life, and because we see no real change of seasons, I can go to the beach in July or in January. Makes no difference to me. So I don’t feel this pressure to go when the sun shines or it is warm. The sun always shines. It is always warm.  But today, I needed to meditate and totally chill out. My Yoga instructor recommended going down and just becoming”one” and getting centered with my qi. So I did. But that’s not what happened. Or maybe it did.

I guess I was there maybe 30 minutes or so when this transpired. I take my sand skimmer chair and plop it right where the edge of the land meets water; the gentle waves, trickle over my feet. The water is over 80 degrees now, so it really is quite relaxing.The color is somewhere between emerald green and turquoise blue and the color in and of itself is very soothing on the eyes. Especially if you are glued to a laptop or in a darkened nightclub most days and nights.

I was feeling rather calm and sedate, talking on my phone to my best friend when a guy approached from the shoreline. I never saw him coming. My friend and I were in a deep conversation about art, music, the cosmos and why we are here, or some such shit and when I looked up, there he was. Directly in front of my chair, making  some kind of hand gestures, to indicate, “Phone?”,  which translated looks like a hang 10 Hawaiian style. He wasn’t going anywhere so I told my friend, to “hang on”. Figuring I would end this charade quickly. She heard the whole exchange.

“I just have to stop and say hello when I see a beautiful woman.” I live in the condos right over there.” “What’s your name ?” “I’d love to get your number.”  “Can I call you ?” “I will write my number in the sand .” “Text or call me.” “I’d love to get together”…….

Meanwhile, I was trying to have a conversation with my friend, but this guy wanted to be heard too, so as she was making snide and comical jokes in my ear, I was trying to at least be polite to this guy.

Finally, when he realized I was indisposed, he wrote his phone number in the sand, at my feet, with his big toe. In all honesty, he did make an effort and I thought it was sweet. When he finally walked off, my friend and I started giggling, as two girls will.

I texted him back to say I was indisposed, but thanks anyway, (smoking hot bod or not), and so as not to appear like a nasty person. But, guess what, “No”, or even” “Thanks, but no thanks” was not in his vocab.

Dear god help me. Silly me. Now my phone is blowing up. His name is Mark and he wants to take me to dinner tomorrow night. And you know I really hate that name….Is it me or are all Mark’s desperate like this? Wonder if he’s married with a bunch of other women he’s sleeping with…;)


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