Organic SEO and how Sociopaths help

Some unbelievable things have been occurring in the past few days. Firstly, I unfortunately got some real bad news. Three times. Three family members passed on and left the planet.  Then I got some real good news. Three times. I found a sister I never knew about and a cousin who is an internationally acclaimed opera soprano in Italy, with her face plastered all over the planet and I was offered a new writing gig. The point is, after the tears there are smiles.

As I sit here and reflect on the past few days,  I turned to my stats and took pause to give myself a pat on the back. I am approaching 3000 readers and it makes me smile that so many people tuned in and they, like I, are not alone. I thought foolishly, that what happened to me was unique. No one, at least not a human, could behave like this, but I have been proven wrong. There are many sociopaths among us.  There is so much pain in this world and to know you have a friend who has gone through the same thing, is comforting in many ways. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Sometimes, when I can’t sleep, I peruse  the internet in search of great content too. It is a glorious  feeling to know that Google thinks my content is good enough, organic enough, to put me in high ranks. Thanks Mr. Google. I love you too.

I like to take the search engine terms people type in to end up on my blog and test them out. It gives me an idea of what people are interested in and where I rank on Google. It is my natural inclination to study a new science and now that science is SEO. All I do is write what I know, am honest and I write on a regular basis. Apparently, that is the key to organic SEO. I am writing not just for myself anymore, it is for all of you. I hope when you read my words, you laugh, or get angry or cry, but you know I am here and you can always find a friend that may give comfort and respite no matter what it is you are going through. With me, you are not alone, and I am not alone with you.

Tonite, when I tested the search terms, my blog ranked #1 on Google. Second, just below me was a site entitled, Without Empathy, so I had to click on it. It was the most blatantly, accurate description of what I experienced dating a sociopath, a pathological liar, a narcissist. It shook me to my core, because I could have written those words.  It was so frighteningly accurate, that I must link to it here and I have added the site to my Blogroll.

At times, (and this is the after effect of a relationship with a sociopath/narcissist), I think I am the one who is crazy. That is what they do. Those pesky sociopaths. They will make you think you are crazy. Crazy in love initially then crazy for believing them and for not seeing the wolf in sheep’s clothing in the first place.  Then, I shake my head and say, no way. I know what I experienced and I know no one can lie like that except a sociopath. My experience, my suffering and pain and  my disbelief that I was imagining things,  are all validated by the reams of clinical and anecdotal material I come across regularly.

If you ‘re twisting emotionally but at the same time are in love so deep, so intense that you have no comprehension of what is happening to your life or your heart and mind; or if you are on a constant roller-coaster with your mate, spouse or partner, please don’t think you are crazy. Please read my stories and read what my links will provide to you as proof. One day, you will be okay and you will see the truth and you will thank me and the Universe for setting you free. I do everyday. 😉




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