A Really Good Guy

I know I have a few other male archeypes to still write, but in all fairness I’m sick of this crap. Predators, Swindlers, Drunks, Womanizers etc…I try to make many of those posts humorous, but really, there’s nothing funny about being a shithead.

The good Guy exists. I’ve met him several times and most recently in fact a very special good guy. Here are some factors that make up a good guy for anyone wondering. This list is somewhat truncated but nevertheless, certain things cannot be representitive in this list so I am starting with what is NOT a good guy first.

A Good Guy is Not:

1. A Phony: Good guys do not need to pretend to be good. They just are.

2. A Liar: Good guys do not need to lie. Lying makes you Baaadddd.

3. A Womanizer: By this I mean any man that cannot keep himself from constantly perusing vaginas all over the planet. It’s gross, it’s unfair to unsuspecting vaginas, and women, ( and lots of guys too) hate your guts. So knock it off and get over the fact that you were a total loser in high school that needs to continually prove yourself. Lay off the Viagra, Extenze, Cialis etc. It’s literally going to your head. The wrong one. You’re not hot even a little bit. And it doesn’t make your penis any larger. Again, it’s all in your head.

The good guy has lots of qualities. Of course he is human and makes mistakes. But a good guy knows how not to make mistakes that can hurt or otherwise destroy peoples lives. He is not pure, but he has a heart and a soul. He has a good conscience.  He knows right from wrong and he always takes the high road. He is kind to others. He is loving and respectful. He is not impulsive and pleasure seeking with no remorse.  He appreciates a woman for who she is and not merely for what is between her legs. He knows that love needs to be nurtured and it is more than just a word. He does not throw that word around loosely.  He knows it encompasses respect, consideration, caring and sacrifice. He is helpful when others are in need. He genuinely cares for people, even people he may not know or have a history with. He is kind to animals and respects nature and all of it’s wonders and beauty. He is not concerned with making a statement to society. He has nothing to prove. Neither to himself or others.  He can stand on his own, in his own right. He treats a woman with respect and is gracious and appreciative for having her in his life. He never manipulates or takes advantage of others good will or weaknesses.  He is understanding and sympathetic to others.  He does not need to ploy people with charm, charisma, his physique or his wealth. If he had none of these things, he would still be a good guy.  

The best way to determine if you are a good guy is to take away all you have. Pretend for a moment you have nothing. Your career, your bank account, your home, your vehicles, your boat, your harem are all gone. What’s left? What’s left is what you are. You should be able to say you are honest, kind, loving and have a deep abiding respect for all thing in and of this world. There should not be a trail of tears behind you. There should not be supporters or minions at your side merely because you offer them goods or services or false friendship or false words of affection.

When I was little I lived in Istanbul, Turkey. I played in the dust and relics eons old that Plato himself had touched. I have been to Ephesus. I have been to the Oracle of Delphi. She is my muse. The words etched above the columns are,  γνῶθι σεαυτόν.

KNOW THYSELF. Only you know if you are a good guy or not. I am very fortunate to be in the company of one. I can say this now because I have had my share of really bad ones. And although at the time I was blindfolded, I know now I am the luckiest girl alive and I will never have to deal with that again.


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