If happy little blue birds fly….

We are having supper tonite with friends from New Zealand. It’s always a lovely time, gracious hospitality, great food  and a group with an unrivaled sense of humor! I can’t wait to visit NZ! I am super excited.  His sister’s home is on a large farm, on a bluff overlooking the Pacific at Waipu Cove. It is amazingly beautiful. With vineyards and roses climbing trellises and fresh fruit and vegetables growing everywhere. It looks like a gardners paradise. Temperate yet tropical.  It is one of the places on the globe I have always wanted to visit. I can remember when I was a little girl just pouring through the pages of National Geographic when they did a huge article on New Zealand. I never really cared to go to Australia; New Zealand seemed like a small gem in the Pacific that inspired the explorer in me. I saved that magazine for years and years. At last my adventurous and explorative spirit are going to get to fulfill that long lost childhood dream.

It seems that sometimes after the darkest of nights, the deepest despair that only human deception can bring, a garden awaits. After the treacherous storm there is a wonderful place beyond the rainbow.  For all that I envisioned and had hoped for once; foolishly believing in a false hope, empty promises and a make-believe love story, that seemed as technicolor real as Dorothy’s journey through Oz,  dreams really do come true. There is a  place for this little bluebird to fly. Somewhere over the rainbow.



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