My mother-in-law and previous business partner passed away at 4 am today. I will always consider her my mother-in-law even though I have been divorced from her son for over 10 years. She was an incredible woman.

Born and raised in the Canadian Maritimes she met and married a pilot from Saskatchewan. After the birth of their children, they moved to the States where he was a pilot for Mohawk airlines which became Eastern Airlines and she began a career in modeling. From developing the New York Fashion Couture Group, her career spanned the globe taking her to Paris, Egypt, Spain and countless other countries and all over the states and Canada. When her husband died she was left with 3 small children and began a career in the cosmetics and beauty industry.

She was my mentor, good friend and business partner for over 15 years. She taught me how to open and operate my own business while still only in my twenties. She gave me courage by believing in me. The knowledge, experience and confidence she gave me will last me a lifetime.

With Eleanor I attended several incredible functions.  I’ve had dinner several times with exiled Romanian Prince Paul, the owners of the Times Square building in NYC and a dinner party for the retirement of the Ambassador to Bahrain, hosted at the United Nations in NY.

She adored my children and as they grew, she brought them along with her on many of her journeys. When my son was 9 years old, she took him skiing to the Horn of Kitzbuhl, in Austria with Olympic gold medalist, Tony Zeiler. Today my son is a film maker, traveler and skier. My daughter has Eleanor’s ethereal grace, elegant looks and when she glides into a room, just like Eleanor did, all eyes are upon her.

This was a woman who taught me that anything is possible and to believe in myself. She was a beautiful, strong, intelligent, capable and exciting woman and her memory, her teachings and her gift will remain inside of me, all of us,  forever.

We will always love and miss you Eleanor and never forget that we are of this world and not merely in it. You taught us all to spread our wings, to believe in ourselves and to live without fear. You gave us your strength and beauty and the knowledge that you cannot have one without the other. I think of you often and though I will miss you, I cherish that you were a large part of my life and that part sculpted me into the woman I am today. I could never thank you enough.


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