Mytfine Terabyte

We are preparing for a spectacular 4th. Living on the beach is always super nice at this time of year even though it’s damn awful hot. I won’t even go over the Intracoastal bridge heading west. Too damn hot away from the beach. Don’t get me wrong, I like it hot, in more ways than one, but I also like to breathe.

Though I am not into large crowds, I do enjoy the street fairs, open sidewalk cafe’s and all the boats and yachts in my town  for the weekend. Tonite we’re having dinner and cocktails with friends on Las Olas. The fireworks display offshore will be nothing less than spectacular later. Yesterday we went fishing again and caught some Cobia. Damn ugly critter: prehistoric and shark-like in appearance.  But really good eating. The seas were a little rough, but I like that and we were in his 50 foot Viking which is about as sea worthy as you can get. I’d live on the thing if I could. It certainly beats tooling around in a useless boat made for, well, just tooling around and being a spectator. I don’t care for spectator sports. Might as well watch TV.

Today my boyfriend surprised me with another gift. A new laptop. I needed a terabyte of space. He knows what I need without me mentioning a thing and he is very supportive of my writing.  Besides, I always need a terabyte. Go big or go home, right?

Since we are both Scorpio’s like I mentioned in a previous post, he can go from fishing offshore or ocean kayaking with me to quiet solitude and reading books and hanging back to the most incredible, tantric sex this side of the Universe. He can also  be very introverted and extremely shy and reserved just like me. He is very spontaneous and very passionate too though, just like me. In fact, his passions may run ever deeper than mine, which is hard to imagine.  The only other time anything vaguely similar occurred in the sex department, was with a pathological liar and a cheat who had a poor wife at home and some woman  he was sleeping with at the same time on the other side of the country.  In all honesty, since it was nothing but lies and just a game to him,  it doesn’t even count.

Anyway, he says he’s met his match and I agree.  I think what I like best about him is his solid, steely constitution and brilliant intellect.  The thing I like second best about him is, well, you’ll have to use your imagination for that  but I can assure you, it is MY T FINE and at least a terabyte… 😉


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