The quickening

I do believe that everything happens for a reason. Had my father not passed away 4 years ago he wouldn’t have known I had been deceived. I certainly never would have told him what someone did to me for their own personal satisfaction. He would have been angry but mostly it would have broken his heart. But he did leave the planet and he has been watching. He has guided me and shown me what for some reason I couldn’t or wouldn’t see. Once he did that, because it was such a difficult lesson to learn, he sent me a gift. That was always his way.
He sent me someone that kissed my tears away and would be everything he would approve of. And more. Not only intellectual and worldly like my Dad but passionate in every way. Honest, charming and sincere. Tender, loving and exciting. A man who knows what to do and when to do it. Twin souls perhaps, with eons of energy, locked away that only opens by the others key. I always thought the perfect man for me would be an intellectual traveller of the world but one who could match my intense scorpionic sexuality and whose inner core was steely, steadfast and true. Vacillating and weak, wishy washy characters need not apply. What better than 2 Scorpios then? In tandem; in thought, action and passion. When 2 Scorpios meet it is instantly noticeable by anyone in range. Intrigued that someone other than yourself can see deep into your soul with those penetrating eyes, it is like a mirror reflection of yourself. At first a bit eery, leaving you feeling naked and exposed; the cool facade hiding the intense smoldering sexuality like a subterranean volcano, cannot be hidden by those x-ray eyes. We recognize each other instantly. It is an elegant and well orchestrated primal tango. The Scorpio knows all too well that sex is an out of body experience as much as a union of flesh. It is a union of souls plunging far below to the core of the Earth and above to the stars and to the farthest reaches of the cosmos. Only 2 Scorpios know intuitively and without trial and error, the heights to which they will soar prior to flight. It is pure yet raw, white hot yet ice cold steel. It is knowing, seeing and feeling with blindfolded eyes. It is an incomprehensible witchcraft that no other can learn or understand. And we both know, our secrets are as old as when time began and in safe keeping. There is nothing less than spectacular about this union. The tantric and the sublime. The femme fatale and the powerful male energy. This is not a game of odds or of logistical consequence. This is not fluff. This is the quickening. As we recognize our ability to see and feel what others may only briefly aspire to, we knowingly smile. We see the foolish emperor wearing no clothes. Adoring and adorning himself. We crafted the invisible for those lacking in vision.


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