He smiles at me and tells me everything will be allright. His eyes sparkle when he looks at me. He is kind and caring and helpful. He is strong and so are his ethics. He holds me tightly in his arms. He loves music and dance and art. He says I am a heroine in a novel. He thinks I’m smart and loves the way I write. He makes me laugh because he thinks I’m sexy in torn jeans with mud on my face. He thinks I’m beautiful even when my hair is a mess in the morning. He loves my long legs and says my tiny feet are like a little girls. He tells jokes just to see my smile. He loves the curve of my hips and places his hand there. He loves that my lips are full and pouty. He could never hurt me for it is not in his nature. He protects me and keeps me safe. He makes soup for me when I’m sick. He has cute blonde stubble on his chin that he tickles me with. He is not greedy or selfish. He is very intelligent and educated. He is well traveled and has seen many things. He is handsome. He is not married and he knows that lying about that is awful. He wants only me and never tires. He never takes anything for granted, especially my love.


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