Are you using free will in your relationship?

Have you ever been in a relationship not of your own volition? In other words you are not able to use your free will to consciously decide to be there or get involved or not. This can only happen 2 ways. You are either physically restrained by someone and forced into having relations with them or you are lied to and manipulated into being with that person when it would be against your better judgement to be with them if you knew the facts.

When a man lies and presents himself as something other than what he is in order to be with a woman, it is the same thing as rape. In one scenario physical force is used to obtain what he wants but cannot have. In the second scenario, subtle mind manipulations, lies and tricks are employed to get what he wants. In both cases the woman is violated sexually, emotionally and psychologically. In the first case, the woman realizes what is happening. She fights back. Perhaps she survives. In the second case, she is clueless that her body, mind and spirit are being violated. Which is worse? To know you are being violated sexually or to be lured into being violated over a length of time? The goal is identical.

By now you should know that both of these personalities are sociopathic. As I’ve said before, most sociopaths are non-violent. A woman or anyone for that matter, should be able to exercise free will when entering into sexual relations. When a man lies, lures and manipulates a woman into having sex with him, he may think it’s a fun game boys are allowed to play but it isn’t. I am here to tell you that you are no better than a rapist. You are cowardly and lack self esteem. Rapists when caught, are dealt with severely by law enforcement. What about the men that prey on unsuspecting women for their own sexual gratification? Is that any less violating? It might be worse actually. A woman never would fall in love with a rapist. Nor would a woman ever fall in love if she knew the dirty truth that was being kept from her. I suppose some men find it necessary to lie in order to be with a woman way out of their league. If he generally likes and is used to the smell and taste of turnips, a peach is a most rare and delicious treat. But that is no defense.


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