The gift

Someone please explain to me how something so beautiful, so magical and so incredible can turn into a hideous snarling beast? Does anyone know what Love is really? Is it when out of the blue someone you had minimal interest in suddenly makes your hair stand on end? Their physical touch is electrifying? You dream about them, think about them always or become orgasmic merely recalling intimate moments with them, even while driving 70 miles per hour? Is it the sheer bliss and tears of joy shared? Or is it a chemical reaction dumping loads of dopamine neuro transmitters at astounding speeds across infinitesimal synapses? Or is it organic? It breathes, it transpires, it grows, it multiplies. How is it then that it gets mangled and dissected and becomes grotesquely disfigured? Is it the human element to be so destructive? I have my own theory. Love never dies, but you can kill it. For me I nurture everything in my grasp. I take old homes and make them new. I grow flowers and herbs and vegetables, gently coaxing them in a loving manner, to be the best, sweetest and healthiest they can be. I tender young children to read Shakespeare or Ayn Rand and go on to become filmakers or the wonders of the sea to study marine biology. I do this effortlessly because I do everything with love. What appalls me is the deliberate destruction of anything.
I don’t want to live in a world filled with broken hearts, dreams or promises. I want to live in a world that is filled with beauty and love where anything and everything is possible. There comes a time though, when you are forced to battle those destructive forces if only to preserve love. You sometimes must be cruel even if it means reaching into the depths of your soul to arrive at that measure. It is brutally hard to do when you have a loving soul. It is only at those times that I don my sword and armour. I will fight to do what is right. My love is not free and does not come cheaply but it is a gift. I know what Love is. Do you?


2 thoughts on “The gift

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