A few of my favorite things…

What a lovely weekend we’ve been having so far. I generally don’t work from Friday to Tuesday and that I can move around to my pleasure as well ; I know, I know, lucky me. It frees up my time to do the things I love. Last week I went to the Exumas on a super nice, very well appointed boat. The trip over was spectacular and the time spent was pure exhilaration. This weekend is a simple one. We’re just relaxing around my place. We had a big rain storm today and its just electric when that happens. For many reasons other than the volatile weather. The rain pounds so hard on the roof and awnings, the gushing water sounds like a roaring river and the thunder shakes the house like a freight train. Get my drift? He’s a musician and has a gig much later tonite so yesterday and today was one of padding around in a tank top and cutoffs. Different story tonite. Might need to break out the leather thigh highs and Swarovski encrusted halter top for this. We’ll be up on Clematis; not my favorite venue, but what the heck, it’s always fun to wear slinky leather and crystals and feel so damn sexy..;)

If I were to combine my 2 most favorite things it would be water and music. But not at the same time. And not necessarily in that order. When I’m offshore I like tranquility, with practically no noise at all. For this reason I hate trolling for sailfish. I prefer to drift and fish off reefs and wrecks. Often I go out to the pulpit and fish nude or at least partially nude. It’s a very liberating sensation and yes, I do know what I am doing and never gill hook or gut hook a fish and I rarely need gloves for de-hooking. I can dehook a fish like a surgeon. But when I’m dancing, or out listening to music, it’s another story. Except for the Paso Double’. That’s an artform my Mom taught me years ago and for that, you need the grace and sticcato precision of Spanish flamenco guitar coupled with a hard driving, steel framed dance step, that beautifully expresses the act of love in its purest and wildest form. For this, you need to be an accomplished dancer and have an accomplished partner. Miami, which I really don’t care for even a little bit, does have some nice studios and nightclubs just for the Tango, but it’s not for the novice. Don’t attempt it if you don’t know what your doing or your body is not supremely flexible.

I’m going to fish and dance forever. Oh, and write. I forgot that one. I don’t really watch TV at all so when I’m just chillin’, I’m writin’. The fishing is my religion. The dancing is my gym. The writing is my doctor. And these are a few of my favorite things…


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