Solving for X and the Rule of 3

A fulfilling journey has taken place. Often in life, we view experiences in linear fashion. Along a time line. We attempt to make things occur according to a rigid structure, one step at a time to get to the goal. Whatever that goal may in fact be. In reality, time is merely a human construct and to try to adhere to its constraints is futile. I like to look at life’s experiences in a circular fashion. I’ve seen this all too many times before and I am certain, so have you. Things do not happen one by one along a predestined path to the long awaited fruition of some perceived notion, goal, dream or want. In fact, I have found the more you march, soldier-like, in the direction of your goal, the further out of reach it becomes. This is true with all things. Once in your grasp, it whithers on the vine.

Careers, finance, relationships all behave similarly. For instance, the job you worked at achieving, going to school for and working your way up the corporate ladder towards, once you obtain that lucrative post, all is not a bed of roses. You find yourself working later hours, more pressing schedules and difficult work colleagues to tend with. Mad, passionate love in the beginning, soon wanes to become rather humdrum and boring. Sure it seems wonderful while in the romantic dating stage, but then reality and the drudgery of day to day life creeps in. The inevitable, “honeymoon is over” phase. That person lying next to you snores, is not as fun as they were, is really not as attractive as you once beleived, starts finding faults and is getting fat….We have all experienced it. It happens to everyone all the time. No one escapes this though they may believe they are “special”. They are not. It is not a matter of if, it is only a matter of when.

Life I find is quite logical and quite mathematical. Having the ability towards introspection is also advantageous. Quietly, perhaps meditatively, if you look and listen you will see the path before you. People rarely change. Patterns are repeated. Everything is circular. Nothing is linear. I make it my goal to live my life in circles. Large ones and small ones. I have been extremely blessed in knowing and recognizing these patterns. Like concentric rings on the water, molecular structures and the infinitesimal, zebra stripes, or the simple veining on a leaf, these repeated patterns are called Sacred Geometry. Everything in the Universe is composed of sacred particles that fit lock-step together infinately and the pattern emerges and reemerges again and again. This is the reason I embrace the fact that I have worked in nearly every career sector and never have gotten bored doing only one thing. From the entertainment business and performing arts to mediation and arbitration and the biological sciences, I’ve never had a dull moment in my life. In fact, my life is generally a very exciting place every single day. I do live a semi-charmed life; I solved for X many years ago and I am blessed because of it. I also know and practice the rule of 3. That which you do will return to you threefold.

We may spin our wheels over people, situations and the like but the reality is, don’t. It’s pointless. Everything is patterned and everything is predictable because of those patterns. What goes around comes around again and again and again. The things we do one by one, we pay for two by two. As you notice the rule of 3 is always working its magic. If you wait just a little bit, you will see the pattern again; the repetetitive nature of all things and what once seemed a past experience soon becomes the future. In fact, it is here now already.


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