The Dreamboat

The Dreamboat archetype is the easiest to recognize because he doesn’t exist. However, it is the oldest of male archetypes and synonymous with Prince Charming and Mr. Right. This male creature is as common as a unicorn. A mythical beast of untold legends and tales, passed on generation to generation. Perfectly white and glistening, living shrouded in mystery, high atop a mountain no human can reach. Or living in the sea spray where your eyes cannot focus long enough to catch a glimpse of him.  No one has ever seen him but many swear they have and so the tale goes on infinitely. We are hardwired to the Dreamboat. We played the Dating Game and tried to win a date with the Dreamboat. Well, I honestly didn’t. I could smell a rat. But many did. You can thank Mattell for that and not just your Grandmother or the Brothers Grimm.  We all believe that this animal exists and so he does in our mind and therein lies the danger.

Somewhere deep inside a little girl’s psyche resides a magical fantasy world replete with a Prince Charming who will rescue her from Mommy and Daddy and everyone and everything that may be wrong in her world at any given time. Our mothers and grandmothers pass down this pipe dream probably to shut us up and give us hope that we are waiting for something wonderful. A mother’s curse or maybe some Jewish guilt? Whatever. Walt Disney made him a fixture in the lives of millions and to this day little girls dream of him sweeping in and swooping her off in his arms to a land of magic and fairy tales where she is a Princess and all her dreams can come true.” If you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are….” For centuries this myth has been proselytized and it is a dangerous one.

It is dangerous not so much as it is a fable, but because many men you see have figured out a way to pose as The Dreamboat. Clever and charming and always there to fix problems. Making pie crust promises that women fall prey to because the myth is so engendered into the psyche that on first meeting, we are certain we are seeing a real live  Prince. I’ve fallen for it and I’ll bet you have too.

Sometimes the Dreamboat can be an amalgamation of two or three archetypes lurking just beneath the surface. The first and most frightening of all is The Predator. The Dreamboat facsimile posing as a predator only has bad intentions. Steal your love, get sex or kill you. The Dreamboat is often mistaken for kindly gentlemanly behavior when in all honesty if you see him you need to run for your life before it’s too late. The Swindler posing as The Dreamboat is really all about money and material possessions or sometimes power and prestige. Both are tough to spot due to thousands of years of conditioning.

The Diamond in the Rough can appear to be The Dreamboat underneath. You must watch very closely for this one as well. This one can really get you. He is not truly an archetype but more like an accident. The Diamond in the Rough may take you years to discover he is in fact not The Dreamboat but just a lump of coal. You could lose countless years waiting for the unicorn to emerge. He won’t. It really is a donkey.

I know it is disappointing. I wanted to believe my whole life that this man truly existed but I finally gave up and lowered my standards. Criteria like good looking, witty, successful, intelligent, creative, tender, loving, passionate, kind, Blonde hair and blue eyes scare the bejesus out of me anymore. Lest not forget Prince Valiant. He is a darker version of The Dreamboat.

The Dreamboat is a nice dream I suppose. It’s wonderful to fantasize. Wearing rose colored glasses makes everything seem so nice. Realizing it is merely a dream is critical though. He cannot hurt you if he lives in your mind. Beware however because The Dreamboat really is The Titanic. And that was no dream. That was a nightmare. Don’t go down with the ship. Instead, get a good fishing boat. Trust me, you’ll have plenty of of sea worthy trips to enjoy.


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